Digging For Shareholder Yield With Coal

About: VanEck Vectors Coal ETF (KOL), Includes: ARCH, ARLP, BTU, CCR, HCC, SXC
by: ETF Global
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Coal stocks have been beaten down since BlackRock announced their disinvestment from thermal coal, with Arch Coal suffering the biggest loss.

Behavioral finance specialists would say that investors are ‘herding’ together for safety, but could that mean coal stocks are now too cheap to pass up?

The sell-off means the sole coal ETF, the VanEck Vectors Coal ETF, is now trading close to its lowest ETFG fundamental scores ever.

Arch Coal, financially stable and returning serious cash, may be the most attractive to possible investors.

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Investors love a sure thing and what’s a surer thing than our green future, where renewable energy has displaced fossil fuels, cars are electric and drive themselves and who knows,