General Motors Shows How The GMC Hummer Could Trump The Tesla Cybertruck

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by: Anton Wahlman
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At its annual analyst meeting today, General Motors provided some very important details about its upcoming generation of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs).

In particular, GM talked about special off-road and towing-optimized versions of the GMC Hummer, the all-electric truck we will soon see fully unveiled.

The GMC Hummer will come in one, two and three motor configurations. It also may arrive on time in the second half of 2021, beating some competitors.

GM’s new battery is modular and could span from an implied 36-48 kWh on the low end, to 144-192 kWh on the high end, assuming 6-8 kWh per module.

GM will host an electric vehicle day on March 4, and unveil the first all-electric Cadillac SUV in April 2020.  Mass production to start in the second half of 2021.

NOTE: A version of this article was first published on or about Feb. 5, 2020, on my Seeking Alpha Marketplace site.

General Motors (GM) detailed important new information about its electric vehicle strategy