Sprint's Stock Might Have One Last Down Leg In It, Don't Buy It

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by: Max Greve
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Max Greve
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The Sprint and T-Mobile merger deal has apparently been approved.

T-Mobile's determination to renegotiate the price doesn't appear to have changed, however, with the passage of time.

Lifeline losses are much smaller than the discount T-Mobile is seeking, but they're also only the excuse. T-Mobile is seeking a lower price because it can.

My best guess is they want Sprint's shares reset back to the level of the original merger deal, when T-Mobile was trading lower. That would be around $7.50 or so.

The stock now seems fairly valued to me, and I'll be staying on the sidelines of Sprint stock in its final days as an independent concern.

As I type this, very late on a Monday night, rumors are all over the Street that Judge Marrero’s decision in the Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS) merger trial will come