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Charlie Munger's 2020 Daily Journal Meeting - Full Video

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by: SA News Team
SA News Team
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Legendary value investor Charlie Munger, now 96, charmed the audience this week at his annual summit. His wits are as sharp as ever, as is his sense of humor.

Charile: "I think part of the reason we've been successful is that so many of our competitors are so awful."

"The ability to mislead people is greatly underestimated. We're all dealing with people who, through practice or evolution, have been good at misleading us. So it's very hard to be rational and stay sane."

Earlier this week, famed fund manager Whitney Tilson honored SA by liveblogging Charlie Munger's annual Daily Journal meeting. You can see the archive of his blog, and the comments, here.

Now, via CNBC, we bring you the full 2+ hour video of the meeting. Who knew watching a smart old guy talk about investing and the world could be this entertaining?