Nvidia On The Way To Dominance In Tomorrow's AI-Centric World

About: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), Includes: CSCO, IBM, INTC, MLNX, MSFT, ORCL, TSM
by: DoctoRx
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NVDA surged Friday on a beat in the data center and strong guidance for Q1.

The stock has been depressed due to bursting of the crypto boom in chip sales, a bungled launch of its ray-tracing gaming chips, and a slump in data center growth.

All the above may have passed, and a decade (and then decades) of rapid growth in artificial intelligence, as well as high-performance computing, may play to NVDA's strength.

NVDA may be the largest, strongest company that has been preparing for an AI-centric world (with HPC also coming to the fore) with its software-hardware GPU-based solutions.

The addition of MLNX, pending soon, could accelerate growth and expand NVDA's reach within the data center.

Introduction - shades of the Great Gretzky

This article explains why I see NVIDIA (NVDA) as still representing good value at Friday's closing price right around $290. This is near the price at