How Covid-19 Has Profoundly Infected The Global Supply Chain

Feb. 25, 2020 11:06 AM ET4 Comments
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  • The critical path elements of the global supply chain, including non-Chinese sources, are blocked leaving few alternatives especially for firms whose critical path is the only path.
  • Chinese suppliers and foreign buyers face a unique triad of challenges – operations, financial and legal - in restarting operations.
  • Black Swan II includes a mutation of Covid-19 and civil unrest events that could paralyze the global supply chain.
  • Firms in the post Covid-19 era will create more robust and diverse alternative supply chains thus Chinese manufacturers will permanently have less business even if their costs are competitive.
  • Wuhan is China’s manufacturing epicenter in which the worldis dependent for automotive parts and technology shipments.

Covid-19 is at the cusp of being classified as a pandemic as it spreads to other Asian countries notably South Korea, Japan and Vietnam that also serve as secondary and tertiary suppliers to these same companies. This means that even alternate supply chains are becoming operationally “infected” negating exit strategies. The brilliance of “just in time” shipments collapses if there’s even a slight kink in the supply chain especially if the disruption is prolonged with limited alternatives.

Triad of Challenges

China is facing a Covid-19 conundrum whose supply chains operational, financial and legal chokepoints threaten to tilt many countries into recession and possibly provoke civil unrest. For a smooth-running and efficient operation the following factors must work in harmony:

  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Legal


The following charts by Statista, a German an on-line portal for statistics, provide the global impact and outsized role of Chinese manufacturing and more specifically its manufacturing epicenter Wuhan:

Some firm’s critical path is the only path which is highly vulnerable particularly if their suppliers are sole source because of their expertise. The more specialized the product/industry, the more restrictive the supply chain options.

Even if a firm could switch to alternate supply sources quickly the supply chain has become stupefying complex pressured by hyper-competition with respect to costs. Alternate sources are not geared for a quantum leap in production or have the [skilled] manpower, and logistics to meet an increased demand that may not abate for many months. Under these extreme circumstances there are considerably higher costs at each chokepoint of the supply chain because it’s now a seller’s market. It goes without saying that these costs will be passed along to the consumer.

The two specific industries that are severely impacted by the public health crisis is automotive parts and technology shipments represented by

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