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Tupperware Brands: The Bonds Have (Potentially A Lot) Further To Fall

Mar. 03, 2020 4:01 AM ETTupperware Brands Corporation (TUP)6 Comments
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Jeremy Raper


  • I include interest coverage as I think it's important to think about buffer for the existing capital structure for a business like this.
  • If it's reasonable that in an equitization the bonds have 30-50pts of downside whilst only 10pts of upside if they get refinanced, it seems to imply around a 25% chance of default.
  • Next catalysts would be a downgrade to full junk at all agencies; then the likely tricky 4Q earnings call and (what I think will be) an abysmal 1Q earnings report in May.

Originally published February 25, 2020

I posted a tweet thread a week or so ago on Tupperware Brands (NYSE:TUP) - you can see the thread here, but the thesis was essentially that the short-dated Jun'21 TUP bonds ($600mm outstanding), then at 99.5c, didn't anywhere discount the possibility of a needed restructuring of the company, given the leverage picture; the deterioration in the business in China and Brazil; the structure of the debt burden; and imminent covenant breach.

TUP's preliminary earnings released today were a bit of a disaster - the stock fell 50% - and the bonds are now down 10pts or so to around 90c. I was short a bit of stock and a lot of bonds, so while this is a good outcome, I am still a little perplexed why the bonds are hanging in so well. Here's the capital structure as it stands today, and then what it will look like at year-end FY20E (note, this is using gross leverage, not net, since although TUP has >$100mm cash on balance sheet this is all tied up overseas and basically impossible to repatriate, so gross leverage is the appropriate way to look at the business):

A few things worth mentioning off the bat:

  • I treat the secured bonds - the issue maturing Jun'21 - as a par bond, even though the price today is 90c. This is because the issue is so short-dated, it doesn't really make sense to consider a discounted market-implied debt value for such a near-term obligation;
  • I include interest coverage - even though this is not in any company covenants - as I think it's important to think about buffer for the existing capital structure for a business like this (and it is something the revolver lenders will consider when thinking about what total sustainable leverage is for the

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Comments (6)

Capt Stu profile picture
the bonds are showing a full depth of book. lots of buyers. unlike ford bonds, no buyers in the book.
So low now I can't get out
Need an hope and a prayer.
schizoidmantoo profile picture
Unfortunately, I too am long Tup bonds. Mine are due 6/2021. You mention equitization. I am not sure how that works for a bond. Is that a form of default where they offer you stock rather than a cash amount less than par?
Chatos profile picture
by the way, the bond is currently trading at 83.7 - sadly
Chatos profile picture
many thanks - I am unfortunately long the bond - how do you short a bond ?? will follow you from now on - thanks
Jeremy Raper profile picture
this was published originally on my site over a week ago - pls follow there for most up to date notes. you short a bond just like a stock (borrow it and then sell it).

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