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Amarin Plc (AMRN) Investor Presentation - Slideshow

Mar. 03, 2020 8:19 AM ETAmarin Corporation plc (AMRN)31 Comments
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The following slide deck was published by Amarin Corporation plc in conjunction with this event.

Leading a New Paradigm in

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Comments (31)

SivBum profile picture
$10.37 rtq

The brass in the corner office ought to pull back on the senseless nameless advertisement on TV and use the money for share buybacks at this level.,, unless he is running a scam and SEC is investigating.
What just happened to AMRN at about 3PM on 3/11 it dropped to under $12. I don't see any news.
Same ask here.
was no news. looked like someone put in a large sell order.?size? mil+. that ran a gobof stop losses and shook the market so it never recovered.fat finger trade? doubt it. large amount of puts had been accumulated before this. 6 mil more shorts added. my gut says short attack and profit from puts on top of it
i exchanged a few things with E in investor relations and will talk with her today.
Vascepa needs to be standard in Mexico, there is a huge market there.
Avisol Capital Partners profile picture
Amarin has one last hurdle before it can break out - the lawsuit judgment by March 31. I see no way they can lose. Once they win, the market will have no further excuse to keep AMRN depressed, and these current prices will be forever history.
Well, the past 18 months of AMRN, post their top-line release of the Reduce-IT trial results, is that every presumably critical, gating, commercially-critical event has gone their way. Yet each has resulted in a brief stock pop, then rapid decline. Almost to the point where it could become a parody of how to torture shareholders. The stock is 1/3rd below where it was after the broad FDA label approval, which itself was a monumental accomplishment.

Everyone says the only thing left is the patent trial. Previously, everyone said the only thing left was....the next thing that got checked off (Reduce-IT results at ACC in 2018, AdCom approval, Evaporate results, FDA approval, Canadian approval, European filing, probably a couple more important interim events.)

So will a favorable patent outcome do the trick and finally free this stock?? This seems to be the ultimate 'Show-Me' stock, held hostage by the machinations of the options market to an extent I've never seen. Market cap of $6.6 Billion as of today. Too much? What is YOUR guess on annual peak sales, worldwide???????
Well said
one judge could toss everything down the drain..............1
sts66 profile picture
Yawn - same old same old - why does anyone even show up for these dog and pony shows? Why does AMRN keep presenting the same darn slides?
WhereMahMoney profile picture
because if you aren't invested in AMRN, you probably have never seen these slides before. just a guess
SivBum profile picture
They come for the freebies.
shhhh.. best little secret on WS.. let me buy more until this little gem explodes.
This information needs to be transmitted via commercials. The current true to your heart does not even mention Vascepa. Who thought of something so Stupid? Put the Medication and Amarin website out there. Common guys!
hipfreejazz profile picture
@Mark Benjamin
DTC advertising promoting Vascepa and expanded CV risk reduction indication must be approved by FDA and is expected midyear. This is noted in the presentation.
Vascepa and Amarin are both shown on the commercials in Chicago.
hipfreejazz profile picture
Any current advertising mentioning Vascepa pertains to the MARINE trial indication for severe hypertriglyceridemia. Again, FDA approved DTC advertising for CV risk reduction indication expected mid-year. See page 10 of the presentation above.
anecdotally, i've now seen vascepa and amarin commercials. brings a smile to my face knowing word is being spread among the masses. can only be a positive sign. long.
right now the masses are hypnotized by that virus thingy
Nice presentation. As a Physician It's beyond me that several on SA have posted that their Physicians had not heard of Vascepa. The evidence is pretty conclusive this treatment can dramatically lower the risk of CV disease. The effectiveness is shown in the Number Needed To Treat (21) for primary endpoint is substantially lower than Lipitor or Repatha.

The share price should be moving much higher to reflect the tremendous impact this drug offers.
Goomba69 profile picture
The data is shockingly good. Initially I thought no big deal, fish oil or other similar preparations would show similar efficacy -- but they don't. This should be valued similar to Lipitor when it was still on patent, at which time it accounted for 25% of Pfizer revenues and 50% of profits.
@Goomba69 Only thing holding it back is patent litigation. A win there and it's going to double. A loss, unthinkable as all want it to be, and this could go to 7-8 area. My guess if they lose initial spike down to around 7 or 8, then they announce appeal, which wouldn't be decided on until late in 2020- so stock would creep higher from that 7-8 area.
Goomba69 profile picture
Yep, we should know the patent status in a month. It sounds likely to go Amarin's way.
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