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Expected Dividend Increases In March 2020

Mar. 03, 2020 3:35 PM ETADM, KO, GPC, TROW, WMT, WEN, UPS, HD, MMM, CM, CL, GD, ORCL, O, CM:CA8 Comments
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  • Looks like Coke continued their trend of only announcing a $0.01 per share increase in their dividend.
  • This has been a roller coaster year for Walmart. The stock has not been able to find a consistent footing, especially after their earnings release and dividend announcement.
  • Despite the coronavirus news and the subsequent red days in the market that ensued, Home Depot released strong earnings and a very nice dividend increase.

Originally published on February 27, 2020

Each month, we summarize the dividend increases from the previous month and highlight the expected dividend increases in the coming month! February had a lot of dividend increases, which was a blast to follow. Things will slow down in March before ramping up again. One thing I would like to note is that I made some formatting changes this month compared to last months. I'll discuss the changes in each section; however, each change was made to hopefully bring more valuable information to YOU while reading. I'm excited for your feedback. Here are the expected dividend increases in March!

Before we jump into the dividend increases, I wanted to briefly explain how we build our dividend income streams. We build this income stream by finding undervalued dividend growth stocks that have a history of INCREASING their dividend using the 3 simple metrics of our Dividend Stock Screener. We're both building the foundations we need to reach financial freedom, one day and one step at a time. See the foundations here:

  1. Our Dividend Stock Portfolios showing each individual holding and the dividend income each produces.

  2. Our Dividend Income page showing each monthly dividend income total.

One other thing to mention about our dividend income streams. Dividend income is extremely tax efficient, especially compared to regular wages. See some articles we have written about the tax impact of dividend income here:

  1. Dividends Tax Rate - A deep dive into how dividends are taxed.

  2. The Power of $50,000 in Dividend Investing, Explained - This article compares $50,000 in dividend income to wage income. The results are shocking.

Actual dividend increases in February 2020

Before jumping ahead to the dividend increases, I always like to review the expected dividend increases from the February article and discuss

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Two guys who love Investing, Dividends, Frugality, Passive Income & attempting to Reinvest Our Dividends to one day achieve Financial Freedom! Follow us on your journey towards a work-free life! We share EVERY ASPECT of our journey on our blog, social media, and YouTube Channel. Make sure to follow us so you don't miss an update. Updates include the stocks we are watching, buying, selling, and our overall thoughts about the the marketBlog: http://www.dividenddiplomats.comYouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/dividenddiplomatsTwitter: https://twitter.com/DvdndDiplomats

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Comments (8)

golden_holden profile picture
Look at the P/E that Walmart is trading at. Keep in mind, it is a stalwart and not a growth stock. Walmart could use a haircut on it's share price.
O will announce a dividend in March But I don't expect a raise until the May payment.
Long O for a long time.
henrikhp112 profile picture
Great article and digestible way of presenting it.
I liked it a lot!
Mili21 profile picture
I am holding ADM/CL/KO/MMM. Their dividend growth rate is poor for sure but the assurance (kind of guarantee) feels me comfortable to hold on to my position.
These are bad / tough times for these businesses but in another 2/3 years same companies will come in top 5 dividend paying / yielding companies, if not top 3.
I am curious about the 7% increase for PepsiCo. I am not finding that information anywhere I look.
Look at the latest earnings press release. It was a 7% increase and will be paid out in June.
Thank you.
Dividend Diplomats profile picture
They like to buy it in the earnings release. It doesn't always show up on regular websites since it the first increased dividend isn't received until June.
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