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42 S&P 500 Stocks Down 50% From 52-Week High

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  • Given the recent market sell-off, this article looks at the underperforming stocks that are down more than 50% from their 52-week high.
  • Travel and leisure companies have been hard hit, but the recent drawdown in oil prices has led to Energy companies dominating this laggards list.
  • A defensive tilt towards stock positioning has produced outperformance in this sell-off.

Monday was a historic day in what has been a growing string of historic trading sessions for the domestic equity market. Only famed sell-offs in 1987 and 2008 saw worst single days in the post-WWII era for the U.S. stock market.

The S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) hit its all-time high on February 19th. Since that day, the broad market index is down 19%. Within that broad index, however, 42 of the 500 or so constituents are down more than 50%. In the table below, I have listed this underperforming sub-segment of the market in more detail. This list is sorted in order of the stocks with the largest drops from their 52-week high.

42 Stocks Down 50%Some takeaways from this list:

  • It has been just 6 months since the attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Russia remains embroiled in a war in Syria. In between, Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was killed by a strategic U.S. strike. Oil has occasionally spiked on the growing risk of a shooting war. However, it was a different type of war - a price war between oil superpowers Saudi Arabia and Russia - that has had the biggest impact on risky assets. The leadership of the two countries disagree on the path towards curbing a global supply glut amidst weakened global demand related to the virus. Of the 42 companies down 50% from their 52-week high, 20 of those companies are in the Energy (XLE) sector. Combined, those Energy companies make up 55% of the market capitalization on this list. That figure would be even higher if ExxonMobil (XOM) - down 49.9% from its 52-week high - would have been included.
  • On the opposite extreme, no Consumer Staples (XLP), Real Estate (XLRE), or Utilities (XLU) companies were included on this laggards list. These more defensive

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Institutional investment manager authoring on a variety of topics that pique my interest, and could further discourse in this online community. I hold an MBA from the University of Chicago, and have earned the CFA designation. My articles may contain statements and projections that are forward-looking in nature, and therefore inherently subject to numerous risks, uncertainties and assumptions. While my articles focus on generating long-term risk-adjusted returns, investment decisions necessarily involve the risk of loss of principal. Individual investor circumstances vary significantly, and information gleaned from my articles should be applied to your own unique investment situation, objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon.

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Comments (90)

Thanks for the article. PVH is my new favorite stock. Wouldn’t have noticed it without you. They make most of their money in November and December. It’s April. If I’m still quarantined then I’m screwed, otherwise it’s going higher.
The battle is taking its toll. The more one tries to understand and figure it all out the worse they will do.
Can I have the editable version of the above details ? Is it possible to pull the latest data?
Our administration is talking the right steps now - devil is always in details/execution.
I move the situation to the 4th inning of the ball game.

We all in this together.
Take care and be safe
I'd imagine the list grew much larger than 42 in the last 2 days since article was published ... that's how fast things move lately. Loading the old elephant gun as Buffett might say ... well, mine is more like a squirrel BB gun by comparison, but I'm loading it up all the same, by God! :)
ABMD is on a paper a winner but will trashed now even more. Cant believe how it could so much down and its still high valued Right now….oh my god
Let technical charts guide you
Don’t anticipate bounce
Many buy-on-dip friends have been slaughtered here.
It is only in the 3rd inning here
Money management
Take care and be safe
lol this guy needs to wake up from reality. someone wake him up
Money management
Use trend following tools
Don’t anticipate bounce
Take care and be safe
We all in this together
no tools can help predict the trends. You just ahve to follow where the money is going.
Mike Nadel profile picture
Love this kind of stuff, Ploutos. Keep up the good work.

Wait for Macy's, Ge , and others to go bankrupt then it may time to get others.
Listening to the panic of some of the others, one would think that the others will go bankrupt too and we all will be living in a van down by the river within 1 year's time frame. We will see if and when a majority sing along with the nutty few in that petrified chorus ... that's my favorite song because I really like the way it ends :)
Thanks for the list! I think Macy's is a great pick!
Enjoy your more in depth articles Plutos!
Williams Bay Analytics profile picture
"As Seeking Alpha readers start to sift through the market rubble and look for opportunities, I hope this article provides an interesting screen."

It is interesting and I thank you for your work on this. I may not necessarily be interested in investing in any of these names, but it does merit thought as to what can happen and why.
Walmart, Apple, IBM, AMD, Costco, MCD and so on will move to OTC or pink market, here why there is no buyer at there unless everyone wear facemask, antiviral glove and suit. We're in the new world called, "A Coronavirus Earth".
Jakan profile picture
A better option than OXY and COP is RDS.B !!!!
Dale Roberts profile picture
Glad to not own any of those. 15 Aristocrats and Achievers.

11 Mar. 2020
I've not read any comments from short sellers? Am I in the wrong comment area?...Please be kind.
Other day for only the 3rd time 50% of NYSE stocks set new 52 week lows.
The other 2 times 1987 and 2008. As they say be careful out there
kamax1 profile picture
CMA looks interesting!!
Which of these securities don't trade on major exchanges? @editors
m8 profile picture
10 Mar. 2020
great work - thanks.
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