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Mastercard Incorporated (MA) Management Presents at 2020 Wolfe Research Fintech Forum (Transcript)

Mar. 10, 2020 6:09 PM ETMastercard Incorporated (MA)2 Comments
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Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) 2020 Wolfe Research Fintech Forum Conference March 10, 2020 2:15 PM ET

Company Participants

Sachin Mehra - CFO

Warren Kneeshaw - Head of Investor Relations

Conference Call Participants

Darrin Peller - Wolfe Research


Good afternoon. And welcome to the Virtual Wolfe FinTech Forum fireside chat with Mastercard, hosted by Wolfe senior analysts covering payments, processors and IT services, Darrin Peller. All lines will remain on listen only throughout the call. If you'd like to ask a question, please use the questions icon in the menu on your screen.

And now I hand the call over to Darrin.

Darrin Peller

All right, thanks [Emily]. And thank you again to everybody this afternoon for joining us on our 10th Annual Wolfe FinTech Forum. We're happy to have Mastercard CFO, Sachin with us today. I want to thank you as well Sachin for joining us.

Guys before I keep going, at the end of this is just if anyone wants to feel free, you can write in questions on a text box on your system, and I'll take them at the end, assuming we have some time at the end. All right. So with that said, Sachin, can you hear me okay?

Sachin Mehra

Yes, I can, Darrin.

Darrin Peller

Okay, great. Well, again, I want to thank you guys for joining us. So crazy times we're in but really appreciate you making it virtual with us and being flexible.

Sachin Mehra


Darrin Peller

Okay, all right. So why don't we just start off. I mean, look, we're going to get into the core business in a moment and obviously, there's a lot to discuss. But I think just the obvious question in the room right now is really the recent trends. Everyone's wondering what kind of impact coronavirus could have. We know you updated your numbers

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Comments (2)

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My thanks also to Seeking Alpha for posting this. I truly appreciate it.
Thanks for putting this up.
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