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  • Predicting the evolution of its effects is well beyond the scope of human abilities.
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I know you’ve heard that the No. 1 rule in real estate is “location, location, location.” And perhaps it deserves that placement.

But a very close second, at least when it comes to REITs, is “cash is king.” In fact, you could even say that rule No. 1 doesn’t work long-term if it doesn’t automatically align itself with rule No. 2.

That’s because REITs pay out so much cash every year. It’s the main reason why investors buy into them in the first place: The dividends they’re designed to faithfully offer.

In order to stay faithful though, they have to have enough cash on hand to cover those shareholder perks.

They also need enough cash to cover everyday business expenses, such as salaries, utilities, taxes (although REITs do pay less in that regard by doling out more money to shareholders), and so many other expected or unexpected costs.

For the record, when I say “cash,” I don’t necessarily mean actual greenbacks being physically held in these companies’ hands. I mean money that’s not tied up in investments. So funds that are easily available.

It’s true that those funds aren’t growing over time, unlike so many other asset types. But it’s also true that, if things go bad, nothing else works quite as well.

And, guess what?

Things have definitely gone bad.


The Circle of Market Life

Please don’t for a moment think that last line means things aren’t going to “go good” again in the future. It’s just a matter of how long the current “bad” will last.

With the virus spreading how it is, there’s no way to tell. It’s the same as how there was no way to tell this was going to be such a crisis – or a crisis at all – even late last year.

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