Boeing: History As An Indicator

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  • SARS pandemic showed V-shaped recovery. COVID-19 recovery likely will not show this near-perfect rebound.
  • SARS pandemic occurred on top difficult years in the industry driven by the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent War in Iraq.
  • Boeing deliveries took years to recover.
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In a previous report, I had a look at some of the cost benefits Boeing (NYSE:BA) could be having regarding its liabilities in connection with the Boeing 737 MAX in China. In a subsequent piece I expanded that to map the impact on the Boeing 737 MAX for global operators using an extended model. The bottom line, however, remains that the damage a pandemic does is far greater than the good it can do for Boeing’s >$8B in liabilities related to the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX. Currently there's a lot of downward pressure on the markets, but we also are seeing revivals. Investing in this environment, especially in airline and commercial aircraft names, is challenging. What's currently happening is unprecedented. The only thing we can do is what happened during previous disease outbreaks. In this report, we have a look at what happened to the markets during the SARS pandemic, but also to orders and deliveries from Boeing and explain why there are big differences between the SARS-outbreak in 2002 and today’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Boeing 777X COVID-19 Seeking Alpha Dhierin Bechai

Source: Boeing

History: Recovery takes months

An important starting point is determining the timeframe based on previous outbreaks. IATA already did that part for us showing that it takes 1-3 months for the revenue-passenger-kilometers to bottom and returning to pre-outbreak levels takes 6-7 months or 3-4 months from the bottom. The most important observation when looking at SARS is that it took the Chinese domestic market three months to hit the bottom and another 3-4 months to recover. In other parts of the world the hit to the RPK was less, though it should be noted that SARS was smaller in scale and global spread.

Currently we are seeing that schedules already are recovering in China after 1.5 months while in the US and

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