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All Things Politics 5/1/20

May 01, 2020 12:00 AM ET11 Comments
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All Things Politics

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Comments (11)

Are the fake capitalists just incomptent or just plain old grifters?
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While everyone is focused on talking crap about whether we should reopen or not, I have been buying up severely undervalued stocks. The economy will return. In spite of what the Left wants. Thank God for Trump. This country has survived major Pandemics, two World Wars and major terrorist attacks. It will survive this virus. What people fail to realize is that we have been living with the Flu virus forever. Even with a vaccine, $50,000 people die annually from the Flu. Do you see us shutting down the economy and ruining people's financial lives. When all the people get tested for the antibody, we will get a full count of what the real mortality rate is for Covid. I would venture a guess that estimates will be that its quite close to that of the Flu. There are tens of thousands of people that had the virus and didn't even know it.

Of course, some of you just want to sit on your ass and receive government handouts.

You can't help stupid
I wouldn't use God and Trump in the same sentence normally.
Its an oxymoron of sorts and by the way you come across as very condescending to anyone who isn't a herd follower of Trump. Some of us happen to be independent thinkers.
Official death counts 67,000.
To be like the flu, it has 17,000 more dead in much less time. The 50,000 are killed throughout the year.
I have nothing else to say.
Good luck and all this happens.
Pdt: the problem is not the general population, they are our elders.
I have been tracking the numbers for infection rate and deaths since March 24. The death rate has risen from 1.75% to 5.9% so it’s more serious than the flu. 2018-2019 flu infection was 49 million and deaths were approximately 60 thousand. The flu death rate was .12%. The numbers aren’t close at all. My projections showed 60 thousand dead by April 30 starting on April 15. At the rate of infection we had on May 1 it showed 155 thousand dead by the end of May. The infection rate for people tested on May 1 was 2.9%. This could be really bad when everyone goes back to work. Yes we have to go back to work but we have to remain vigilant.
Masks , cleaning and something for the heating systems is paramount to saving lives.
I read a World Economic Report on the economic ramifications of the 1918 pandemic . Then just as now the East coast was hit much worse than the West coast. The economies in areas with low deaths grew at a 6% rate compared to high death areas which contracted or had minimal growth. You have to open up based on the science. I think if the cases go up people will self isolate again.
But this is going to be bad no matter what. 60,000 deaths in a little over a month is terrible. 2,900,000 Americans die every year, more from heart disease than any other ailment. I would imagine that a portion of those will now die from Covid 19. My calculations show a worst case scenario of 360,000 additional deaths for 2020 from the virus at current infection and death rates. Because of heart and cancer patients who get the virus and die from Covid 19, we will see a reduction in those death classifications.
Total deaths will probably be around 3,100,000. Not good by any measure but we have to learn to live with this virus just like they did in 1918.
Well let's see what is happening. Trump said he wants to hold rallies again. Good way to get rid of his base who don't social distance or wear masks.

It's May 1 and states are starting to reopen. Let's see how that works. Ha! Did many of these states that are reopening even bother to comply with the White House guidelines formulated by health professionals and scientists? Not really. Why bother when Trump wants everything to reopen. Check this out.
Many of these counties with hotspots are in Florida where official Trumptard Ron DeSantis is governor. How will this pan out. Probably not so good.

The market is tanking preopening and I think its time to retest the lows. Everyone knows 2nd quarter earnings will be horrible and no end in sight to oil wells being shut down. How many bankruptcies will occur during the second quarter. How many people will die or will be seriously affected by Covid-19 in the upcoming months particularly if guidelines are not followed? Does not look good.

Simon Property wants to reopen 49 malls soon. Macy's wants to reopen most of its stores within 6 weeks. Wonder what their traffic will look like. Who will want to go to movies and restaurants or other places where there are crowds? Most people are afraid of catching this horrible disease and will be hesitant to go

My prediction, down we go. Time to hedge or go short.
We can always keep everything shut, and just use AMZN to buy things
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Is it time to open up when Covid infection and death continue to climb?
We have to open up in phases. We will learn and adapt. It will be a new word but one we have to adapt to ASAP. Not opening up will be more destructive.
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I am 77 and have a lung condition, I will stay in as much as I can.
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