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Stocks To Watch: Jobs Report, Virtual Conferences And Blue Chips On Tap

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SA Stocks To Watch

Welcome to Seeking Alpha's Stocks to Watch - a preview of key events scheduled for the next week. Follow this account and turn the e-mail alert on to receive this article in your inbox every Saturday morning. A podcast of Stocks to Watch is also available on Sundays on Seeking Alpha, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify (click the highlighted links).

The week ahead will see another steady stream of earnings reports before the April employment report blazes in from the Labor Department on May 8. Economists expect the unemployment rate to be about 15% after 20M jobs were lost during the month. Average weekly hours are seen plunging to a new record low of 33.5. On the brighter side, the conference calendar picks up next week for investors with virtual events covering industrials, financials and infectious diseases. Economic activity will pick up again as more states open back up to varying degrees, although there are plenty of indications that consumer spending will be slow to return. Will investors sell in May and go away after the Dow rose 28% from its March 23 low and the S&P 500 shot up roughly 27%? Don't ask Tesla's (TSLA) Elon Musk.

Earnings spotlight: Tyson Foods (TSN), Shake Shack (SHAK), Skyworks Solutions (SWKS), Freshpet (FRPT) and Chegg (CHGG) on May 4; Marathon Petroleum (MPC), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCAU), Sysco (SYY), Beyond Meat (BYND), US Foods (USFD), DuPont (DD), Activision Blizzard (ATVI), Disney (DIS), Prudential (PRU), Allstate (ALL) and Dominion Energy (D) on May 5; CVS Health (CVS), General Motors (GM), Bunge (BG), Barrick (GOLD), MetLife (

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Our news team's weekend preview of upcoming IPOs, earnings reports, conference presentations, investor days, IPO lockup expirations, FDA decisions, Barron's mentions, and other key events that could impact stocks.

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Comments (47)

Deehena profile picture
Which one of the 500 or so stocks mentioned above should I be paying attention?
With respect, too many stocks presented - makes it difficult to follow.
James Ockenden profile picture
Don't complain about that..
Why? I'm simply giving feedback. Isn't that what the comment section is for? As others have pointed out, the article doesn't mention specific stocks to watch .... it's in the title.
W. Buffett sold all shrs of airline stock he owned. Oil's dead cat bounce will be short lived. Energy sector stocks are still priced to high for my taste. Will wait patiently for the eventual drop in pps of major oil companies. Bio tech should still remain positive..watching NVAX for imminent news imho. Top player in COVID-19 vaccine development.
Xempler profile picture
There's not going to be many surprises here. Earnings will be down for most companies. unemployment numbers will be high. One will either take the long view of the economy or they won't. I've never owned Tesla, but I'd be pissed about Musk coming out and saying the price is too high. He should keep his mouth shut and let the market decide.
UCBKID profile picture
The SEC should come down on him. It stock price manipulation. I think it violates the SEC mandate on him. I also think (but have NOT verified) that perhaps it lowers the strike price of his OPTION grants. I know how they work- I had them at IBM.
The company really needs to start talking about moving him to the side if he's going to continue to act like a teenage girl with a new cell phone (no offense to teenage girls).
@UCBKID "lowers the strike price of his OPTION grants"

Very likely.
PEP divvy going over $1? It's about time! Long PEP! :-)
Tall Seller profile picture
Shopify is likely going to announce their growth is ACCELERATING due to COVID-19.

All of these have said residential e-commerce related sales/traffic/advertising/their-party-sellers/deliveries/packaging have been SURGING:
• UPS CEO here: www.bloomberg.com/...
• Google Pres. of Commerce here: blog.google/...
• DS Smith CEO On Bloomberg within the last week even said some areas are seeing DOUBLE e-commerce orders.
• Amazon Execs. during their recent earnings call: seekingalpha.com/...
• Facebook Execs. during their recent earnings call: seekingalpha.com/...

Most importantly, these all align perfectly with Shopif’s CTO saying their traffic is near DOUBLE now EVERY DAY their usually busiest weekend of the year (Black Friday Cyber Monday)...seen here: (twitter.com/... ).

COVID-19 is ACCELERATING Shopify’s growth. BUY and HOLD for me baby!
anivale profile picture
SA Stocks to Watch editor,

"Projected dividend changes (quarterly)"

Please consider reporting this in a table format.
That would make it a lot easier to read.

- A
UCBKID profile picture
This SA weekly is fabulous. Many thanks for seeing it.
PepsiCo (NASDAQ:PEP) to $1.025 from $0.9550,

1.0225 Pepsi announced this 2/13/20 dividend raised .955 to 1.0225
Today we do not have a investment market. We have a traders market. Buy and hold is dead until we get a vaccine for Covid-19. Past performance now even more means nothing. Not another game plan to measure what we have today with. Forget all of the doomers that say Great Depression along with those they say we are in a V. Today I would say we are closer to a W than a V. Good 26 day run followed by 2 days of Sell everything. WH saying maybe China Tariffs spooked this market and opened up profit taking once again. Seems like a lifetime ago we were dealing with Tariffs but here we go again. We probably would be better off if all would just stop dividends and take away the surprise factors like RDS. Still with research and patience money will be made. We will come back.
hawkeyec profile picture
We had also better be prepared for the idea that there will be no COVID vaccine. Read notes from WHO. Many viruses don't have vaccines now, the cold notably.
Indeed, let's start believing WHO. Not.
JBeans profile picture
Buy when others are scared.
I know tsla is a trading stock and musk is quirky, but as a long investor I would like to know WTF was he thinking. Why would he hurt people that trusted their money to his company? No one asked him, why would do it?
@artielkange -Maybe he went short - easy money.
art, wait until 4/20 maybe he'll have another pow wow with joe rogan

"quirky" ? you are too kind but he is right about the shutdown in Ca but then he had many states to choose to set up in and who doesn't realize Ca. is a very unfriendly place for businesses?
He’s just expressing his frustration. He also is probably pointing out the obvious for this quarter’s earnings.
This is extremely helpful in narrowing down which stocks to watch each week. Well done and thank you!
AAL all the way!!
@abcdistri— I think ghostfox was being sarcastic (understandably) since the author mentioned like 100 stocks to watch!???
UCBKID profile picture
New price target is $1 from $10
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