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You Always Have Financial Choices

May 05, 2020 1:55 PM ET
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Russ Thornton


  • Every seven years or so, on average, going back now a hundred years, the market has fallen on the order of 30% or more.
  • I am a big believer, a big proponent of striking a balance, of living a great life today and each and every day along your life's journey, while also being well prepared and being comfortable and confident in your future.
  • You can control how you spend your money, how you save your money, how you spend your time, who you spend your time with.

Despite the recent market volatility and widespread uncertainty associated with the coronavirus, remember that you always have financial choices.

Now, more than ever, I believe it's important to focus on the choices you can control - not on the news and information which, in addition to appealing to our emotions, is beyond your control.

For instance, you can always control:

  • how much you save vs spend
  • how much investment risk you take
  • the timing, duration, and frequency of future goals
  • and more

Episode Transcript:

Hey there and welcome to another episode of Women's Retirement Radio. I'm your host, Russ Thornton. Today, I want to talk about the importance of choices that are at your disposal as you deal with your financial plan, your investment portfolio, and frankly, your broader life. We're all facing a lot of unique choices in our lives right now as we deal with COVID-19 and coronavirus and quarantine orders and instructions not to travel or conduct business unless it's deemed essential. And so, a lot of these decisions, these choices fall to you. What do you do? How do you act? What do you tell your kids? What example do you set for them? Clearly nobody wants to be inconvenienced or have their lives interrupted or put on hold, but that seems to be the reality that many of us are dealing with right now.

And so, we're facing some inconvenience and possibly some financial jeopardy for those that are being laid off or furloughed from work or aren't in a position to work remotely. They might have their livelihoods, their careers jeopardized. So, what do you do? What are your choices? Do you just roll over and take it? Do you play the victim? Do you take life by the reins and go forward and figure things out? A lot of these questions are

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I’m Russ Thornton, founder of Wealthcare For Women, and I've been a financial advisor for over 28 years. As a young man in college, I watched my mother go through a divorce and struggle with her money and well-being. She really needed someone in her corner to help her gain the comfort and clarity around her money to live a better life. That's why my practice helps women like her do just that. You don't have to be worried and concerned about your money anymore. Let's start creating your amazing life.

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