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Shopify Inc. 2020 Q1 - Results - Earnings Call Presentation

May 06, 2020 9:46 AM ETShopify Inc. (SHOP), SHOP:CA20 Comments
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The following slide deck was published by Shopify Inc. in conjunction with their 2020 Q1 earnings call.


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Comments (20)

Wow. More to come. Amazing company.
Anyone shorting this is a moron. Clearly a long term behemoth, which will one day be a 1T company. It is the future. There may be periodic down turns but I’ve been hearing the same bear thesis for a few years now. SHOP is really placing itself in the marketplace as the indisputable leader in online retail, which has exponential growth prospects and is the future. Shorts are betting against innovative technology. Ego driven or just total idiots, with a delusional sense of knowing better.
You're long and want to protect your investment. I get it. But you resort to rude and adolescent personal attacks. That speaks volumes. Meanwhile, I'm sticking with my approach to this stock. As noted, I'm a recent trader in the stock. Went short after the earnings pop and I'm in the green already. Let's hope today's after-hours plunge sticks. I'll be even more in the money. But no matter. This overpriced pig is doomed to reversal.
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rudeness has no place here, I agree....that said he is right about
I got squeezed out of my short position be careful shorting
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Shopify is hiring a bunch of in-house Lawyers that have expertise in Financial Solutions, given that:

🔆February 21, 2020 - Shopify joined Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra Association: ⚡️ news.shopify.com/...
🔆April 22, 2020 - Libra Association launched their updated White Paper v2.0 which was restructured to alleviate regulators concerns: ⚡️ libra.org/...
🔆April 27, 2020 - Shopify hired Alex Danco (see here: twitter.com/... ) to work on an offering that he described as SHOPIFY MONEY, where he says:

(1) “Another project I'll be working on might surprise you, and I'm looking forward to telling you more about it soon enough - Shopify's membership in Libra. Libra is going to catch a lot of people by SURPRISE. It has a lot of armchair critics in tech, both in Silicon Valley and in cryptospace; and you know what, that's exactly how I like it. Libra has a big mission to fulfill, and Shopify is a CRITICAL PIECE of that mission. I'm tremendously excited to help make that happen.”
- danco.substack.com/...

(2) “This is Shopify's moment. We're in it, RIGHT NOW. I'm amped to get on board the team, and get to work with Tobi and with CanadaKaz on SHOPIFY MONEY to make commerce better for everyone in a REALLY REALLY BIG WAY.”
- twitter.com/...

In alllll the posts for Shopify’s new in-house Senior Legal Counsel, Financial Solutions describe SHOPIFY MONEY in their Job Descriptions, seen here:
🔆Senior Legal Counsel, Financial Solutions (New York): www.linkedin.com/...
🔆Senior Legal Counsel, Financial Solutions (Toronto): www.linkedin.com/...
🔆Senior Legal Counsel, Financial Solutions (Ottawa): www.linkedin.com/...

Check out the screenshot of a tweet with for those Job Descriptions with SHOPIFY MONEY mentioned: ➡️ twitter.com/...

The purported NO FEE (or very low fee) currency exchange for cross border e-commerce transactions that Facebook/Libra/Shopify intend to roll out SOON, will cause $TRILLIONS/year in new GMV to come to Shopify from businesses that want Shopify for this service offering.

Do you think it’s best to INVEST in Shopify they roll this out or BEFORE (a.k.a NOW)?? In case you’re a little slow, the answer is NOW (buy and hold NOW)!
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Did anyone else think the Shopify Execs sounded VERY CONFIDENT? Amy [CFO] even said their tailwinds ➡️significantly⬅️ outweigh their headwinds.

Is there higher confidence than that. That alone, amongst many other things too really, solidifies my BUY AND HOLD position as that is interpreted to me from a conservative accountant as MASSIVE GROWTH IS COMING.
SHOP so boring! Keeps going up and up and I keep holding it since its IPO!!!
Totally bubbleicious stock. Haven't taken a position until now but will look to short on bounces.
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Lots of new things getting rolled out soon, according the the CEO. That makes it an extremely dangerous short and a very good BUY.
Why? They still lose money. Sales are decelerating. The economy is in a depression. Even if it recovers some ground, the economy will remain weak for many months. Additionally, small businesses are going to suffer terribly. That's going to pinch a prime constituency for Shopify. No, SHOP is not a "very good buy." It is, however, a classic short squeeze - likely with no small amount of manipulation. But that's a story for another day.
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"Totally bubbleicious stock"

You mean like how AMZN and NFLX were bubble stocks for years? Welcome to the 21st Century - growth rules now - not value...
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