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What a disaster of a company.
It seems like the initial uprising to fight the merger has died with a whimper. If the current management structure is hell bent on merging, it is the same as saying that they do not have the confidence and the wisdom and the guts to push ahead on their own. I have seen what happens to companies that DO have that courage and such, yet they failed miserably (best recent example is SGYP). It is obvious to me now that I must vote the other way. A rider should never push a scared horse to jump a high hurdle, unless the rider wants to fly over the horse when it slams on the brakes.
Well, at least it's a short read. I'll get to it later.
I_like_preferreds profile picture
hahaha .. funny. But you got that right.

... and Bret Jensen nowhere to be found.
"...and Bret Jensen nowhere to be found."

Nor any analysts to ask questions i see. No wonder it was so short.
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