Quo Vadis AMD: Too Good To Be A Bad Investment

May 13, 2020 12:40 PM ETAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)64 Comments
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  • Currently, AMD has again reached a point where it was before the COVID-19 volatility.
  • There is also the question of how to proceed with the share price gains. It is clear that there is no unlimited growth. The P/E ratio is also quite high.
  • However, I think that marketing timing at AMD is the wrong way to go. Investors need to put the high P/E ratio into perspective.
  • The excellent balance sheet and operating performance also underline that (further) share price increases are justified.

In my February article on Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD), "Don't Confuse Stable Foundation With Eternity," I pointed out that there is no infinite growth for AMD without more sensitive setbacks. COVID-19 has brought precisely this setback. Since I recommended investors to repurchase AMD in April, the stock has gained almost 30 percent. Investors are now facing a difficult phase. Between partial market opening after the lock-down measures and the possibility of an economic downturn that has just begun, questions about the fundamental valuation of AMD arise. Quo Vadis, so where do you stand on AMD? Time for some more profound thoughts.

Trading AMD has been a safe game lately

AMD's share price performance (like the market as a whole) was quite volatile. Currently, we have again reached a point where AMD was before the COVID-19 volatility.

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At that time, however, I had already warned investors that further growth was not necessarily guaranteed. One main reason for my rating was the fact that I did not like the high valuation of the company. Accordingly, I have often given AMD a neutral rating (plus because I am not invested myself).

Therefore, it would only be logical for me to issue another warning, and for investors to wait for a better time to enter the market.

Market timing is a bet with bad odds

The thing is that this form of market timing may work from time to time, but overall it is a bet with poor odds. Of course, prices may fall again and create better investment opportunities. However, the question is whether this is guaranteed or whether investors will miss out on further price increases and thus possible profits. There are also good reasons to believe that speculating on AMD is the wrong way to go and that holding it over

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