Buy 3M Company For Conservative Income With 61 Years Of Increasing Dividends

About: 3M Company (MMM)
by: William Stamm
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William Stamm
Long only, dividend growth investing, growth at reasonable price, Total Return

3M Company has increased its dividend for 61 years and presently has a yield of 4%, which is above average.

3M Company’s three-year forward CAGR of 8% is good and will give you increasing growth as the company sells more of its industrial products.

3M Company’s total return underperformed the DOW average for my 53-month test period by 18.27%, which is poor, but 61 years of dividend increases let you sleep at night.

3M Company (MMM), one of the largest manufacturers of industrial products in the United States, is a buy for the income growth investor with the present entry price looking interesting. The management of