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Stock Market: Fed Pulled Back (Video)


  • There's only one reason the market's up here with GDP down 50%.
  • The Fed.
  • They actually pulled back last week.
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Technically the market (NYSEARCA:SPY) had a nice run. It might be a little stretched. Combine that with the Fed actually pulling back and coronavirus case numbers moving up, there might be some shorter-term risk starting to build. I think that will be a buying opportunity because the Fed's thinking we're bottoming.

Here's The Fed Numbers

The Fed reports the official change in their balance sheet weekly on Thursdays after the close. The Fed balance sheet saw it's first pullback since December.

Here's the numbers.

Total Change Per Week Per Day
2020-04-01 $4,768,238,706,062 $432,227,323,097 $86,445,464,619
2020-04-8 $5,060,118,230,012 $291,879,523,950 $58,375,904,790
2020-04-15 $5,319,687,288,500 $259,569,058,488 $51,913,811,698
2020-04-22 $5,492,341,792,900 $172,654,504,400 $34,530,900,880
2020-04-30 $5,534,933,870,549 $42,592,077,649 $8,518,415,530
2020-05-07 $5,583,378,870,000 $48,445,001,000 $9,689,000,200
2020-05-14 $5,806,783,512,000 $215,230,619,600 $43,046,123,920
2020-05-21 $5,917,721,273,900 $110,937,761,900 $22,187,552,380
2020-05-27 $5,910,125,715,200 -$7,595,558,700 -$1,519,111,740


Above you see the Fed had a rare pullback in their balance sheet. If you think about why the stock market's up while GDP is expected to be down 50%, it's because of the Fed.

So the changes in their balance sheet are important.

Coronavirus Case Numbers

WW New cases daily %incr
05/30/20 6150500 124102 2%
05/29/20 6026398 125473 2%
05/28/20 5900925 116304 2%
05/27/20 5784621 106475 2%
05/26/20 5678146 93879 2%
05/25/20 5584267 89812 2%
05/24/20 5494455 96505 2%


New case counts accelerated the last two days making it the highest new case additions since tracking the series. This is obviously going the wrong way.


Momentum in the market is very strong. We also talk in the video about strong comments from a Fed official. Still some risk is building for a shorter-term move. I discuss some simple indicators we're watching to be on the right side of the next market move.

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This article was written by

Elazar Advisors, LLC profile picture
Hi, I'm Chaim Siegel. I've run Elazar since inception. I've worked for big hedge funds as a trader, analyst, PM and water boy. 
Starting out I could make a mean straight black coffee. But ask me to add some sugar or milk though was a problem. So they got fed up and said, just give him some stocks to follow. That was in the 90s tech boom. Yeah. That worked out. 
So, now, mid-life crisis I enjoy second guessing the Fed, which is usually a good strategy. They are not traders, they have no risk discipline, they are having way too much fun with this QE-QT thing and because of their powerful position, are usually way too over-confident in their decision making which is a hint to bad decision making.
My customers have seen that I've been net net pretty good at consistently second guessing the Fed.
Our EPS estimates factor into Street numbers.
I've been on CNBC and a few other places.
But mostly I really just enjoy second guessing the Fed and keeping it simple.
Wishing you all continued success.

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Comments (4)

RoseNose profile picture
Thanks Chaim @Elazar Advisors, LLC for following The Fed and reporting its activity. Surprise with the negative day. Would be interesting to know if it was 1 holding or many...
Any way, continue to play the I SPY game with us, good always to know your thoughts.
Rose :))
Elazar Advisors, LLC profile picture
GDP down 50%. i dont think its ever been down that much in modern history. So market near its highs is only one reason the Fed. so needs monitoring and respecting.

Thanks Rose, as always. Wishing you lots of continued success.
Thank you Chaim, very useful. How did you find Monday - as you said, the market still went up, but some sectors (incl. "bullish" chip stocks) were pretty weak. Do you find that the overall start of the week was positive?
I personally have a feeling of market resilience - despite all these negative news it is still drifting up... Obviously, things can change immediately.
Elazar Advisors, LLC profile picture
You're right on resilience. I think we can take a breather at some point soon though but generally im bullish.

As far as Monday i did mention that i thought more risk comes later in the week.
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