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The 2020 Dividend Kings List + My Top 5 Kings

Jun. 01, 2020 7:44 AM ETJNJ, MMM, PG, SYY, GPC21 Comments
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The Dividend Guy


  • Dividend Kings are companies that have had 50 consecutive years with a dividend increase. Do not confuse this with 50 years of consecutive payments.
  • You will not find stocks in the energy or technology sectors. You can bet many future dividend kings will eventually come from the tech sector.
  • The Dividend Kings have done incredibly well in the past, but their recent performance has not been comparably impressive.
  • My favorite long-term dividend growth companies with dividend triangle trend (revenue, earnings per share, dividend for 5 years), my investment thesis and potential.

Dividend Kings are companies that have been showing the longest streaks of dividend increases in stock market history. In fact, they show more than 50 consecutive years with a dividend increase. To be part of this list, the Dividend Kings must show an incredible ability to adapt their business model and constantly innovate to stay relevant and in the game. This is a great example of stability and growth in times of pandemic!

Being in business for over half a century is already hard enough. These companies are not only surviving, but they are thriving and sharing the wealth with shareholders. Investors who were wise enough to buy them decades ago have enjoyed both strong capital appreciation and constant dividend growth. This article covers the following topics regarding the Dividend Kings (click on the title of each to jump directly to this section):

What Are Dividend Kings

As mentioned in our introduction, to be named a Dividend King a company must have increased its dividend successfully for at least 50 years. Do not confuse this with 50 years of consecutive payments. There are no other restrictions to be part of this elite list. I guess completing 5 decades of dividend growth is hard enough!

As of 2020, we count 28 Dividend Kings, all of which are trading on the U.S. stock market. Please note some Kings aren’t part of the Dividend Aristocrats list since the Aristocrat list includes only companies trading on the S&P 500.

You will find many “old consumer staples” and industrials among this list. However, you will not find stocks in the energy or technology sectors. You can bet many future dividend kings will eventually come from the tech sector.

Basic Materials

Stepan (SCL)

H.B. Fuller (FUL)

Consumer Cyclical

Genuine Parts Company (GPC)

Lowe’s Companies (LOW)


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My name is Mike and I’m the author of The Dividend Guy Blog & The Dividend Monk along with the owner and portfolio manager here at Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR). I earned my bachelor degree in finance-marketing, own a CFP title along with an MBA in financial services. Besides being a passionate investor, I’m also happily married with three beautiful children. I started my online venture to educate people about investing and to be able to spend more time with my family. I started my career in the financial industry back in 2003. I earned several promotions along with a good pile of diplomas. I had lots of fun working with clients in private banking for half a decade, but thought I could do more with my life. In 2016, I decided to take a leap of faith and left everything behind to travel across North America and Central America with my family. We drove through nine countries and stayed three months in Costa Rica before returning home. This was an eye-opening adventure that led me in 2017 to quit my job in the financial industry and pursue my dream; helping others with their personal finance through my investing websites. You just found the reason why I quit my suit & tie job!

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Comments (21)

Missing solid dividend guru T here...
danllll profile picture
How about BKH Black hills corp., I think it just hit 50 years this year. According to MarketBeat, it has 50 years.
I used to think a lot of MMM.. Unfortunately, most comments about it are from the "past results are an indicator of future results" school. Much like IBM, unfortunately, I think their day in the sun has become a thing of the past. I don;t see the constant innovation and creative destruction that made them a great company.. There;s far better to choose from today
The big question is how do these stocks fit into the "new normal"?
The Dividend Guy profile picture
"new normal" isn't that new and different. I'm pretty sure we will continue to need Tylenols, Crest, car parts for maintenance, food and Post-it in the "new normal"...
Scoshell profile picture
It is nice to have a few Kings on your side. Long JNJ, PG, MMM, TGT, ITW, HRL, KO, EMR, SYY-started after recent collapse.
Dawntreader profile picture
I own some of each one. Just retired 👍
new to investing, but want to start with dividends strong stocks. Can anyone suggest a good online/excel/google sheet dividend drip calculator that automatically estimates and calculates the compounding drip. basically how many shares do i have purchase from particular stocks to earn a reasonable retirement salary from my stock portfolio.
any help is appreciated.
Dale Roberts profile picture
thanks @w123jadwsu I used to use that and could not remember the site. ha

Frankj78 profile picture
Dividend Kings are fine, but among that group I would look for companies that have a strong dividend GROWTH history, i.e., increasing them at rates above inflation.
Nice review, Dividend Guy. Holding 4 of the 5.
Long all five!
Dale Roberts profile picture
I have No 1 and No 5.

Sysco's restaurant customers are in COVID'S dead company walking category. I'd guess it's a recovery call? Farmers are destroying unfortunate amounts of vegetables and animals. Consumers state they largely do no want to go to a restaurant.

The Dividend Guy profile picture
I have a long term mindset, not a short-term one.
Consumers change their mind everyday.
Have you notice how the covid-19 disappeared from many cities since George Floyd was killed?

Small food distributors will die and SYY will thrive. It's a long-term recovery call.

Plenty of restaurants will go bankrupt, their assets will be then bought by new owners for pennies in the dollar and they will reopen another restaurant. Who's going to deliver food at that point? SYY.
Dale Roberts profile picture
@The Dividend Guy COVID didn't disappear of course, just the adherence to safety protocols. Certainly they have greater things on their mind. Likely to cause some super spreader events.

I think SYY is a great recover 'play'. They have strong existing 'other' business segments - they won't go out of business. But restaurants will likely come back to full or near full in a few to several years.

Very long MMM. Thanks for the article !
peterad profile picture
What would have been more useful is analyzing what you think would be future technology kings
The Dividend Guy profile picture
It will take another... 20 or 30 years (or more?) to get a tech stock with 50 years of dividend increases? It's a bit premature to discuss kings in that sector, no?
peterad profile picture
Not premature if your horizon is (hopefully) beyond that, so you could invest in those now for the future benefits, no?
Dividend Pro profile picture
"Not premature [to discuss future technology kings] if your horizon is (hopefully) beyond that [20-30 years], so you could invest in those now for the future benefits, no?"


Given the speed of technology changes, you have no idea of where tech companies are going over a 20-year span. Or even 10 years. You can not even guess. Anybody that does is a HUGE fool.

Why, because there was no tech like public internet 30 years ago. No iPhone 20 years ago. How about all the fools who invested in then-popular names like Yahoo, Altavista, Multimate, myspace, pets.com, etc. back then. It is a crap shoot. Some will survive and do extremely well, others will disappear. You have no idea who that will be. Think about it.

But pretty sure there was toothpaste 30 years ago that we are still using today. Long PG
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