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Politics And The Markets 6/2/20

Jun. 02, 2020 6:20 AM ET807 Comments
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Comments (807)


Mark Levin now begins " Life, Liberty and Levin" w/

The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America
THANK YOU GENERAL MATTIS. One of the most respected leaders of our military, and a highly decorated Marine, says Trump is a threat to the Constitution, seeks to divide instead of unite and reminds us that divide and conquer was the motto of the Nazis. He supports the tens of thousands of protestors and makes it very clear that active duty troops who would follow this President's illegal orders are violating their oaths.
Giorgio il Buffone profile picture
"active duty troops who would follow this President's illegal orders are violating their oaths."

Better make darn sure the order is unlawful.

Violating a lawful order is punishable under the UCMJ...
UCMJ demands that any order given, even if by a President, is illegal if it violates the Constitution and the laws of our republic. Our troops oath is to the Constitution not the President or any politician. Trump is being checkmated here by a document he does not understand nor cares to try to understand and Mattis is right in that we do not need this President to unite us because he will not try.
Giorgio il Buffone profile picture

"UCMJ demands that any order given, even if by a President, is illegal if it violates the Constitution and the laws of our republic."

Good luck with that.

Trump is commander in chief and Mattis isn't a lawyer.

His opinions on what is unlawful are just that, his opinions.
I would now say that it is time for those protesting to turn their attention to registering to vote if they have not done so and to vote their conscience. There are some good Republicans who will work very hard to earn the trust of their constituents and they deserve the vote. And, despite some disagreement on this board, there are also some good Democrats who also deserve the vote. Would be nice if they could work together to create conditions that would make protests unnecessary.
Did Defense Sec. Esper just doom himself by saying we are not in an insurrection and he does not support invoking the Insurrection Act OR is he signalling that cooler heads just talked the macho man off a cliff?
Giorgio il Buffone profile picture
He's saying the mayors of dem blue cities need to pull their heads out and take responsibility for the looting and destruction.
Namron Damron profile picture
@tewright2012@gmail.com, I think he disagreed with BBD and said he was a bit 'tricked' into going along with the event. Appreciate the honesty if it can be believed. Anything that surrounds BBD is suspect.
Wow, just wow. How you can come to that flight of fancy is truly amazing. Try sticking to what he said. It is not an insurrection!!!
Smoke, flash bang grenades and some kind of chemical spray or pepper pellets were used on the Lafayette Park. Park police said they only used smoke and that may well be true but it was not only the Park Police who were involved in clearing the area. These protests will diminish but many who protested will not forget the issues for which they protested and I suspect some politicians on both the left and right will suffer at the ballot box.
Giorgio il Buffone profile picture
"many who protested will not forget the issues for which they protested "

They're out there to protest trump. Floyd is just the latest convenient excuse.
G, you've now taken your Obama obsession and morphed it into a Trump obsession.

Giorgio il Buffone profile picture
I'm not the one obsessed with trump.

That would be you and the other democrats.

Henry Miles profile picture
Various outlets are reporting that white supremecist, Steve King, has been defeated in the GOP Iowa primary. Good riddance (republicans dragged their feet on this one way too long.)
open borders advocate.-en.wikipedia.org/...
techy46 profile picture
"We are in the Götterdämmerung now, the final phase of the Trump era. We began with the axis of adults that imperfectly constrained him. We then entered the age of hubris and action during which he systematically rid himself of the adults and was free to follow his whims. The third phase was the reckoning as he began to bump up against the contradictions of his own approach, on China and Iran in particular. Now we have finally arrived at the long-feared crisis and unraveling.

There is no way back from the Götterdämmerung in the remainder of the Trump era. The question facing responsible senior administration officials (there are several at the principal and deputy level), Republicans in Congress, and allied governments is not how to persuade Trump to do the right thing, but how to limit the damage so the government can be repaired after he is gone. This may mean not urging Trump to take action on crises even if it is merited; circumventing the president wherever possible; Republican governors declaring their independence from their party leader, trying to craft a bipartisan approach in Congress on foreign-policy issues such as competing with China in international institutions and protecting against Russian interference; and using distractions of their own to divert his attention from truly consequential decisions. Call it fortification—of constitutional democracy and America’s international interests. There are 231 long days with nothing but stormy weather left."
Totally splintered society.
Governors have proven to be takers not givers. Also they've proven to have no capability to manage for emergency and respond to emergency.

someone has hijacked your account and is using it to post cut and paste from sources that appear thoughtful and reasonable, completely unflattering to Trump in the presented light.
Just thought you should know.
Henry Miles profile picture
Well, at least it's cheaper than walling off the 1,950-mile US/Mexico border: www.chron.com/...
techy46 profile picture
Oh well, it's not always what it seems is it?

"5 Cops Were 'Justified' in Brutal Beating of Unarmed Black Man, Investigators Say

Surveillance footage shows Johnson, who lives in the complex, talking on his cellphone before being approached by several officers. The cops searched his pockets (they had heard there could be a weapon on the scene), while Johnson continued his phone call. Then, they motion for him to sit down. In police body camera videos, the officers can be heard repeating this request, CNN reports. While Johnson leaned his back against the wall, he didn't completely sit down.

At that point, four of the officers (later joined by one of their colleagues) attempted to take him down. They punched him in the face, kneed him, and tackled him to the ground. "Sit your ass down, motherfucker," one officer can be heard saying during the altercation, according to The Arizona Republic. "See what happens," one of the officers says.

Why did five cops feel the need to beat an unarmed man? One of the officers claimed Johnson was being confrontational. "Johnson's body language was projecting he was preparing for a physical altercation," the officer wrote in his police report."

When did this happen @techy46 ?
techy46 profile picture
@Boots in the House

Mid 2018....
techy46 profile picture
Neither are qualified being too dated and old.
We are really on our own to have to make a decision on what to do either or.
The white liberal vote is big.
Tech if they win best not own anything including interest from the bank , Don did stop that rape.
But on the other side of the coin look how covid was handled , what if it's more serious next time ?
My republicans friends are now telling me Don never said it was a hoax and rush didn't say that either...ad infinitum from both sides.
techy46 profile picture
@amazapple @Jack D Stocks @Namron Damron

It took intelligent experts to figure out US is FUBAR?

I could've told them that about 5-10 years ago!

"Intel experts say US reminds them of a collapsing nation

n interviews and posts on social media in recent days, current and former U.S. intelligence officials have expressed dismay at the similarity between events at home and the signs of decline or democratic regression they were trained to detect in other nations.

“I’ve seen this kind of violence,” said Gail Helt, a former CIA analyst responsible for tracking developments in China and Southeast Asia. “This is what autocrats do. This is what happens in countries before a collapse. It really does unnerve me.”

Clashes between police and the public on Tuesday were largely peaceful, as a second week of protests over George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody began. Major cities continued with widespread curfews, and the National Guard attempted to prevent another night of violence and chaos after dark. "

Say hello to third world USA

MAGA my ass
Leave......We're not thrilled w/ you either
Namron Damron profile picture
@techy46, social unrest is part of our history. Go back and check it out over your life. It's a process of adjustment. Our fundamental achilles heel is how we finance our social issues.
Phill Murphey and Dems are running ads on TV using these atrocitities for political advancement. NO POLITICIAN SHOULD BE RUNNING ADS RIGHT NOW let alone EVER
@Boots in the House
You should probably be more concerned about groups like the Lincoln Project siphoning away independent support from Pres. Trump. His base will stick with him but independents thus far appear to be having some real questions about his leadership. Nov. is 5 months away though so no one should be complacent on either side.

I am not being complacent . I feel sure of Trump's abilities just as I feel sure Biden will have another aneurysm on the debate stage.
This is poor and uneducated blacks using a horrific murder to get their rocks off. Democrats are using them as always to advance their filthy,criminal agenda.

I say this as a citizen not as a voter

Look the Mayor was right , a lot of smiles down town once they cleared the strangers out.
Neighbors first.
Boot's some of us they assume EDP on the video ya know , crap not a good feeling.
Boot's about the time of the Dog attack i had Black friends over , they thanked me , it's ok small thing , true..
@Satan where did you go ?
Send Jack in there to get her.
Pinguino Investments profile picture
Satan made only one comment in 2009 before disappearing. Maybe Moe knows what happened.
you know they have a history turning when pressure is applied.
Short human life spent in nonsense.
i never understood the thing between "american Blacks" and "white" and you both do it mostly.
good tool for communist expansion Xi has done well with it.
I was coughing with tear gas in my clergy collar, and my gray hair, and my old lady reading glasses, so that that man could stand there and hold a Bible in his hand and look Christian," Gerbasi told WUSA. "And it would be far more Christian if he would behave according to the words in that book instead of just carrying it around with him as a prop."

Clergy members said they were not asked permission or told ahead of time that the president wanted to use the church, which is known as "the Church of the Presidents," for the photo. Many said they are outraged over the use of the Bible as a "prop."
Reaching and straining to win again
Giorgio il Buffone profile picture
Looting, rioting, vandalism, shootings, arson, destruction of blue cities.

Meanwhile the dems are focused on a photo op....

Some things are just inexplicable.
I cant speak for dems but the news I read and watch is far more focused on the protests and crime along with it.

The photo-op which you defend with your life is already old news.
But man, you are more laser focused on it and defending it than any media outlets.
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