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EOG Resources, Inc. (EOG) Management Presents at RBC Global Energy and Power Conference (Transcript)

Jun. 02, 2020 2:54 PM ETEOG Resources, Inc. (EOG)
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EOG Resources, Inc. (NYSE:EOG) RBC Global Energy and Power Conference Call June 2, 2020 8:40 AM ET

Company Participants

Ken Boedeker - Executive Vice President, Exploration and Production

Dave Streit - Investor Relations

Conference Call Participants

Scott Hanold - RBC

Scott Hanold

Thanks and good morning. This is Scott Hanold, Managing Director of U.S. E&P and Research. Glad to have EOG Resources. We are doing our fireside chat here and we are pleased to have Ken Boedeker, the Executive Vice President of Exploration and Production on with us, as well as Dave Streit from the Investor Relations team. What we will do is we will start out and I will let Ken provide some high-level kind of thoughts and then we will get into some Q&A discussion. And as the audience, if you wish to submit a question, there is an opportunity to do that on your Veracast system.

So with that, Ken, I will let you make a few opening comments.

Ken Boedeker

Alright. Well, thanks Scott. I just want to thank RBC and Scott and all of you for joining us today and I hope this finds everybody healthy and safe and their families healthy during this time. So thanks for joining us everybody. I just really wanted to start out I’ve got a couple minutes of kind of high level EOG points I want to get across and then we can jump into some questions, but really the thing to know about EOG is we are a resilient company. I mean, we are resilient for two big reasons. One is our culture, it’s our big competitive advantage, where every person here at EOG is a business person first and we have taken on this latest challenge of low prices in the pandemic with that type of culture in mind. And the second thing is that our premium investment strategy, where

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