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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (CTSH) CEO Brian Humphries on MoffettNathanson's 2nd Annual Payments Processors and IT Services Summit Conference (Transcript)

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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (NASDAQ:CTSH) MoffettNathanson's 2nd Annual Payments Processors and IT Services Summit Call June 2, 2020 3:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Brian Humphries - Chief Executive Officer

Conference Call Participants

Lisa Ellis - MoffettNathanson Research

Lisa Ellis

All right. Welcome, everyone. Welcome back. Thanks for joining us, again. For the next fireside chat, I’m very delighted to be joined by Brian Humphries, the CEO of Cognizant. Brian, thanks for joining us.

Brian Humphries

You’re very welcome. Happy to be here, virtually.

Lisa Ellis

Virtually at least, yes. Good. All right. A couple of housekeeping items just before we get started. You all know this by now, but if you haven’t, would like to ask Brian a question, type them into the screen that says ask a question right below the video and I will see them on my screen and can layer those in. If we don’t get to them, we will certainly follow-up with you afterwards. And with that, I think, we’ll jump in.

So before we get to the events at hand, which, of course, is top of mind for everyone. I do want to do a little bit of a step back looking at the calendar, I think, yesterday, June 1 was exactly 14 months from when you started at Cognizant as the first-ever non-founder CEO of this company. So now that you’re a year plus in and what a year plus it’s been, what are your views on Cognizant’s greatest strengths?

Brian Humphries

So it’s been a busy year, Lisa. I didn’t realize yesterday was the anniversary, but time flies, I guess, when you’re having fun. Greater strengths for me, I think, the portfolio is very, very strong. It’s compelling. It’s probably better than it is marketed. I brought a new CMO in, in recent months, so we have to get that story out there, marketed not just to

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