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OPKO Health, Inc. (OPK) Management Presents at Jefferies Virtual Healthcare Conference (Transcript)

Jun. 03, 2020 5:15 PM ETOPKO Health, Inc. (OPK) Stock9 Comments
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OPKO Health, Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Jefferies Virtual Healthcare Conference June 3, 2020 3:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Jon Cohen - Senior Vice President

Steve Rubin - Executive Vice President

Conference Call Participants

Maury Raycroft - Jefferies

Maury Raycroft

Hi. My name is Maury Raycroft. And I'm one of the Biotech analysts at Jefferies. It's with great pleasure that I'd like to introduce the management team from OPKO here today. It's an exciting time for OPKO. They've got Phase 3 data from their growth hormone program and coming up pretty soon, this is with Pfizer today. And then there's also a lot going on in the COVID space with some of the diagnostic has seen that they're developing and launching.

So, without further ado, I'd like to turn it over to Jon Cohen and also Steve Rubin from OPKO.

Steve Rubin

Hey. Thank you, Maury, and thank you everyone for attending. This is Steve Rubin, Executive Vice President of OPKO. And some of the statements that Jon and I will be making today, of course, are forward looking, and we avail ourselves of this entire laundry list of fine print.

So, as Maury mentioned, we are a diversified company. We have some exciting things going on with both the -- on the pharmaceutical side as well as the diagnostic side. On the marketed pharmaceutical side, we have a market product called RAYALDEE, which is for chronic kidney disease; have revenues of almost $10 million in the first quarter of 2020.

We have partnered that asset with Vifor Fresenius in Europe and our entire other parts of the world. And on top of that, $837 million in milestones, and also double-digit royalties upon launch, which we expect sometime later this year. We’re also partnered in Japan with Japan Tobacco, that licensing agreement with OPKO give us about $112 million in

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Comments (9)

So he states that they added "a CTP sequence" to GH, when in fact they added 3 CTP sequences. And he says that as CTP is "natural", they don't expect immunogencity. This ignores the fact the CTP is normally found in the beta chain of hCG, giving hCG a much longer half-life vs LH and FSH. But GH normally does not contain any CTP sequences, let alone 3 in continuity at both the amino and carboxy terminus of the GH sequence. Putting "foreign" amino acid adjacent to normal amino acids would be expected to create new epitopes (a typical antibody binds to epitopes comprised of about 5 amino acids in foreign proteins). So attaching "PQRSTUVWXYZ" next to "ABCDEFGHIJKL" would create at least 11 new epitopes on each end; eg, "PQRST:, QRSTU", RSTUV", STUVW", TUVWX", UVWXY", VWXYZ, "WXYZA", "XYZAB", "YZABC", and "ZABCD", NOT counting the 3rd CTP seuence on the carboxy end, and NOT counting the 4 O-linked glycans contributed by each of the 3 CTP sequences. A few words about O-linked glycans (sugars): GH is normally not glycosylated; eg, no O-linked or N-linked glycans. Second, O-linked glycans are linked to immunogencity; when an RH- mother destroys her RH+ fetus, it is the 0-linked glycans that define the RH antigen to which the mother's immune system is reacting. When a O+ doner receives type A or type B or type AB blood and hemolyzes the transfused bllood. his or her immune system is reacting to and attacking the O-linked antigens that define the ABO blood type (O+ means no A or B O-linked glycans, but RH O-linked glycans). So no one should ever knowingly add O-linked glycans to a non-glycosylated protein....

I can understand why despite reporting their main study data some time ago, they are "still working" on the immunogencity data....
OPK offers a great opportunity for short and long term investors. COVID has given them the lifeline they needed.
BEWARE OF OPK. Management is 'less' than honest (see articles over the past year and a half that outline all the lawsuits against Dr. Frost and OPK). They have spent quite a bit of money lately opening up some labs in COVID 19 "hot spots."

About a year ago (give or take a few months) they had a secondary offering. Don't be surprised if they have another one - right around the corner.

And if there is a medical 'cure' or a successful vaccine for COVID 19 OPK will quickly fall back to it's almost 'penny stock' status - - in a hurry.

This company has NEVER HAD a profitable quarter.
littleal10 profile picture
@Roger Wendt: Are You A Professional TROLL or What? Everytime I Open An Article On OPK You're There In A Repetitive, Negative Capacity!!! Are You Part Of This Great "Short Conspiracy" I Keep Reading About? Does Anyone Else See This? I'm A Current Investor In OPK and Want To Read and Share Facts With Other Investors; Which Does Not Include Your Continuous "Sour Grapes" Speculation!!! You've Claimed To Have Sold Most Of Your Shares; So Sell The Rest and Get A Life Man!!!

I am posting the facts. What about my post is not true? You're just not capable of grasping them, I guess. See you on every OPK article, also. Are you a troll? I've got a life, a good one, but you won't have one for long investing in this garbage. I didn't sell 'most' of my OPK a while back, I sold ALL of it, more than 'a while back' now - for a very slight, MINUSCULE profit. Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll get out that way, too. Now that I've upset you this badly, think I'll smile and drink a beer.

If you are going to respond again, don't forget to let me know what in my post is not totally true. You didn't get around to that in your last reply.

This forum is for everyone's opinion. I have as much of a right to mine as you do to yours. I never resort to out and out insults, tho, like you do.
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There's little reason to factor in a vaccine or cure coming. If and when we get one it may only offer 3-6 months protection in 30 to 40% of those vaccinated. I'm basing this on the type of virus and how little we know of it scientifically speaking. A cure may or may not come. I hope OPKO's involvement in Covid yields long term benefits to patients and shareholders.
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