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Cortexyme (CRTX) Investor Presentation - Slideshow

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The following slide deck was published by Cortexyme, Inc. in conjunction with this event.

June 2020

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Comments (17)

Very informative comment thread. Thanks all.
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@licowboy - with the GAIN study passing its interim look, we will need to wait 1 year for the final trial results. In theory, the data would be stronger at 1 year vs 6 months if Pg behaves like most bacteria. The longer you starve the pathogen for nutrition, the better the host (the AD patient) should get. Also, placebo patients will decline further, creating a larger delta between drug vs. placebo. If it works that is...
Yes, patience required on this speculative long shot. But the science is compelling and as you've stated @Gordon Gecko was a Commie , IF it pans out, the market is huge.
bluescorpion0 profile picture
so just use a 2$ mouthwash!
Key "red flags" and unanswered questions:
1) Why raise money now (>$200M on hand)?
2) Most of the data are from mice (or from non-primary human cells). Biotech/pharma companies have cured diseases in mice many times before. Why is this strong evidence?
3) Open-label study in the GAIN Phase II/III study. Why open-label?
Gordon Gecko was a Commie profile picture
1) good question. they have previously stated that they have enough cash to get them through to the end of the GAIN trial. CRTX also recently mentioned that they are looking at an external opportunity to in-license. perhaps that is the reason for the mixed shelf offering. Also, the mixed shelf offering seems to include multiple changes to corporate by-laws that are designated as anti-takeoever. I could interpret that to mean that they are very confident GAIN is going well, and don't want to be taken over prematurely. Perhaps they have even had such inquiries.
2) actually their ph1 data in humans was quite tantalizing (small numbers, but cognitive measures increased in treated group). The mice data is potentially significant primarily in that multiple groups have been able to induce AD in wild type mice by introducing Pg. No one has ever done something like that before.
3) I think you are mixing up their actual ph2b/3 GAIN trial (randomized, controlled, blinded) with their OLE (Open Label Extension). The OLE allows patients who have completed 1 year in the blinded trial but who received placebo to start taking the high dose of COR388. great way to get some additional data.
@Gordon Gecko was a Commie

Is there info on shareholder ownerships currently (by % before the new offering)? Haven't found the info.

Alzheimer's clinical trial PhI data are often quite OK. But, Phase III is critical as always.

Not a believer when "data in mice" look good. Humans are not "big mice" so-to-speak. This is especially true in the field of neuroscience.
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Pfizer =pole position, Eli Lilly = #2 car

"Not a believer when "data in mice" look good. Humans are not "big mice" so-to-speak. This is especially true in the field of neuroscience."

When targeting host mechanisms your statement garners widespread agreement, however COR388 targets an exogenous pathogen.
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