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Politics And The Markets 6/5/20

Jun. 05, 2020 6:20 AM ET1.6K Comments
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Comments (1,597)

I was accused of having a big chip on my shoulder about Trump. Not at all. I just really
detest any President who plays cutesy with Putin and Xi and Kim Jung-un. The fact that the FBI says these leaders are using their experts to try to hack the Democrats again should tell everyone on this board who these leaders support and that should make all of you nervous as hell.
John Wilson profile picture
@tewright2012@gmail.com Just wondering. Do you work for the FBI?

"The fact that the FBI says these leaders [Putin* and Xi** and Kim Jung-un.] are using their experts to try to hack the Democrats again "

[*OMG Putin again?]
[** Xi? The Chinese worried about Biden becoming president?? LMAO]

You mean the same FBI that tried to hack the Trump transition team with the fake/lie Russian collusion fairy-tale?
>>Tried to entrap George Papadopoulos by feeding him the fake story of the Russian DNC server hacking?

When will the FBI fake Intel ever end?
Hacking the Democrats?? Really? Again??

But but ...Do you also detest a president who plays suck up w Iranian mullahs who really only wish for Israel and America's destruction and annihilation?
Namron Damron profile picture
@tewright2012@gmail.com, seeing a bad leader for what he is is not a chip.
I think everyone is worn out or hung over. Only a couple messages here since last night. William Barr is trying to rewrite the story of why the police attacked reporters and used flash bang grenades and pepper pellets. "Pepper spray is not an irritant" according to Barr. I think he should try some of it in the face. I remember Hannity saying water boarding was no big deal and he would have it done to him. He didn't and I do not suppose Barr will take up that challenge either.


The nation has reached a baffling moment in our history: looting and torching minority-owned businesses for racial equality. The week long pandemic of mob violence following the death of George Floyd has destroyed minority business owners’ dreams, denied young minorities jobs, and left neighborhoods depleted, depressed, and alone.

While ideologues like 1619 Project leader Nikole Hannah-Jones dismiss concerns over “destroying property,” the looters’ victims make clear the damage goes well beyond bricks and mortar.

“We’re here for God. This is our ministry. This is our family legacy,” said Janice Wilbourn as she surveyed the ruins of Sisters Designs, an Atlanta dress shop she co-owns with her sibling. “This is devastating.”

As indiscriminate violence engulfs white- and minority-owned stores alike, business owners nationwide have taken up her cri de coeur.

“It’s very hard to see your whole life savings go down like this,” said Ricardo Hernandez, who owns the La Michoacana Purepecha ice cream shop in Minneapolis. “We used up all our money to build something nice for … not just the Latino community, but everybody.” Ben Diallo, an immigrant from Guinea who lives in Indianapolis, referred to his ransacked clothing store as “my baby.”

“Small, minority business owners found themselves with the businesses that they worked their fingers to the bone building destroyed, looted, vandalized and burned down,” wrote Maya Santamaria, an Hispanic entrepreneur whose building was torched by rioters, on a GoFundMe page. “Some had no insurance. Others have no resources.”

In some areas, owners found themselves reliving past traumas. Rioters burned and battered Jet Beauty Supply, a minority-owned business—just as they did during Milwaukee’s Sherman Park riots in 2016. Kayla Levine, whose family has owned a Massachusetts liquor store since the 1940s, said the looters’ path of destruction reminded her of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The minor appliances that looters make off with –a TV here, an iPad there, liquor rather ubiquitously—won’t change the thieves’ lives, but they cause the store owners’ dreams to slowly bleed out. In Minneapolis, black fireman Korboi Balla plowed his life’s savings into a bar he hoped to open in March. The COVID-19 lockdowns postponed the big day until June 1. The riots leave his life’s work under a cloud—in part because looters buy into the envy-laced rhetoric of class warfare.

“I’m hearing people say F— the business they have insurance,” his wife, Twyana, wrote on Facebook. “WELL WE DON’T AND THIS IS ALL OUT OF POCKET.” (Emphasis in original.)

Dan Buxton shared that sentiment after he saw his Play It Again Sports shop in La Mesa, California, looted last weekend. “I put everything I had earned into this place; basically my whole life savings into this business,” he said. But rioters saw it as nothing more than another store ripe for plunder:

“They see me as a business, but I’m not a business. I’m a person. I have a family,” Buxton said. “I just want everyone to stop thinking of people as groups: police, businesses, protesters. Each one of them is an individual.”

The riots left business owners almost too discouraged to rebuild. “Being a minority, we are working so hard. We want to make it through this and after COVID. So yesterday morning I was hoping to just clean up and open, but I couldn’t because I was so sad. I couldn’t stop crying,” said Saki Melius, the owner of the Menya Ramen & Poke restaurant in Denver. “Today I’m alone because my employees are afraid to come in.” Zach Monks, a white business owner in Denver, said seeing his shoe store looted three times in two days left him feeling “broken, almost.”

The predators’ theft and mindless damage “pushes those businesses back even further, especially those that were small business owners,” said Leona Barr-Davenport, president of the Atlanta Business League.

But the ill effects of the mob’s smash-and-grab strategy are far from confined to shop owners. They radiate outward—and downward—to all of society.

In some cases, rioters are throwing minorities out of work. Jim Ilg said he “had to lay people off” after his 11th Avenue Hostel in Denver sustained $20,000 in damages. “$20,000—that would be a part-time worker’s wages for an entire year that was just destroyed in literally seconds. So they’re taking jobs away from people by destroying this.”

The damage of looting truly does trickle down.

In other cities, they’re leaving vulnerable people homeless. Rioters destroyed Midtown Corner, a $30 million, 190-unit affordable housing project in Minneapolis.

Looting similarly harms customers. Sometimes customers realize how businesses become a part of our lives—like the Columbus man who started a GoFundMe page for the shop where he bought the suit he wore at his wedding.

Riots create an unseen victims, because the stores that are looted are no longer available to supply people’s deepest needs. An African-American woman in Minneapolis gave their suffering a face.

She tearfully recounted how she watched helplessly as rioters “went straight to Office Max, and Dollar Store, and every store over here that I go to. I have nowhere to go now. I have no way to get there, because the buses aren’t running. … These people are tearing up our livelihood.”

Her cries were head by ministers of the Gospel, who tried to calm passions and remind the unthinking mob of moral truths. In Minneapolis, “[o]utside the 3rd Precinct police station, a crowd gathered around preachers from New Salem Baptist Church, who stood between protesters and a formation of police officers carrying long guns and marking rounds, urging a return to peace,” reported City Pages. Marlon Moore “argued with protesters trying to justify looting as protest against capitalism,” telling them:

We lost a lot last night. We lost resources. Somebody is suffering right now in silence because she can’t get to the store and she lives five blocks from here. Somebody’s kid doesn’t have diapers and milk because somebody decided to take them home with them last night.

Someone no longer has a business, a “ministry,” a “family legacy,” because of rioting.

The “property damage” the Left so easily dismisses tears deeper, and more painfully, than most people can see. It compounds the injustice of the original crime by punishing the innocent. And it tears down the edifice of our public trust, one brick at a time.

Henry Miles profile picture
@Boots in the House

This is tragic but I don't understand: a) Why @DoubleD44's question is "careless"? and b) What you propose to address the root causes of this situation? Insight, please. Thank you.
None of the behavior and vile actions of these looters is justified in any way and I would not worry too much if shop owners defended their properties with maximum efficiency. No legitimate protestor defends this kind of behavior even if they understand the frustration that leads to it. I also do not think legitimate conservatives defend radicals running over protestors with their cars or trucks or shooting protestors as happened in Seattle last night.
Kinda late @tewright2012@gmail.com

I don't think those words do much good for the immeasurable fear, damage and life long loss caused Democrat's imbecilic excuses for monstrous criminal behavior.

They're not "protesters" protesting is handled peaceably among civilization. This was criminals running amok b/c they were could .

If that shit came to my home or business they'd get shot w/out pause.
it is really going to go to hell if joe and the democrats start this shit.
??? Are you talking about using the military to go after right wing groups or are you talking about Joe burning minority businesses or are you referring to dismantling police forces?
What can you possibly mean by saying "if" @al roman ?
It's like Christmas presents Boot's.
Henry Miles profile picture
Yet another reason why Trump is a loser; he can't even execute his own inane strategies: www.msn.com/...
techy46 profile picture
@Henry Miles

At least he identified the problem 30-40 years in the making.

But no, Trump nor anybody else can MAGA come true.

The US has lost its exceptionalism and leadership.

It's just been one lying lawyer politician after another.

US gave away it technological IP advantage to access markets.

Apple, Intel, Microsoft are just used up marketing brand names.
Inane is right. $1.7 Trillion dollar hit on US company stock values www.forbes.com/...
Apple is just an enemy

Buyandhold 2012 profile picture
If the rioting and looting continues, I may vote for Trump.
Don't worry DD's going nowhere.
that moderate minority is tight.
techy46 profile picture
It won't matter who anybody votes for after they defund the police.

Just find a rural haven that appreciates and practices old values.

At least 100 miles from the nearest liberal cesspool.
Buyandhold 2012 profile picture
Di Blasio wants to cut funding for the NYPD.

He is so predictable.

He ALWAYS does the exact opposite of whatever he should do.
Time to rid NY of that moron
You guys are going to have to baby sit them too.
You are going to have too.
When is this gonna be a matter keep em down Dems?

Dan Bongino

"He’s gone, over some TVs”
Hard to watch. raw emotion. raw language. But when do we protest for this man’s family? Killed just doing his job"

Jack D Stocks profile picture
Oh look over there>>>
S&P Futures are up !
techy46 profile picture
I'm just might take some off the table before the Civil War!
John Wilson profile picture
I am selling where I have windfall profits from where I did some buying in March & April. Friday with S&P up 81.58 points +2.62% was too good not to start taking some profit.

It has retraced 83% since 3/23. So there are some people actually thinking new highs? Not me.
Plenty more retail bankruptcies coming.
Who else do you believe will file Bankruptcy @John Wilson ?

JC Penney was coming anyway. Federated Dept Stores has also been in the trash can for very long time.

Retail online sales....do you have a number for that?

I believe online sales have been high. Many retail stores were busting their rumps to keep up.

"Already facing 2nd-degree murder and manslaughter charges over the death of George Floyd, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is now facing allegations of voter fraud in Florida."

"Per the Orlando Sentinel, Helm has written to the local state's attorney asking her to investigate after discovering Chauvin's voter status showed he registered to vote Republican at his Windermere address in January 2016, and cast votes in both the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Chauvin had worked for Minneapolis Police Department since 2001 prior to his firing the day after the killing of Floyd.

“While living in Minnesota, working there, paying taxes there, Derek Chauvin cannot claim residency in Orange County. His home, residency and where he intends to live is in Minnesota, not Florida,” Helm wrote, per the Sentinel."

Maybe Trump is right there is voter fraud going on. I wonder if Chauvin did file a MN state tax return or tried to claim FL as his home state. MN has a state income tax while FL does not have a state income tax.
techy46 profile picture
You think FL will extradite him for the voter fraud?

I actually think MN should look into Floyd and his wife to make sure they were filing state income tax returns and paying the required amount of tax. Voting in FL is a red flag to me.

Follow the money.
Joe Don it's thunder and lightening here and the electric keeps going on and off help me !
@Buyandhold 2012 we do need a continuance of the plan including solid investment.
techy46 profile picture
Time to place some bets on the red line!
-4x 2008
Good1 profile picture
Trump kissing black babies.


Lots of these. Trump loves black people. He's a good guy.
18214212 profile picture

Of all the 16 other GOP contenders who dropped out the race in 2016, Dr. Ben Carson was the first to endorse Trump. Trump gets along just fine with all kinds of everyday people, which is why the rabid left can't stand it.

And geez isn't it interesting that the most intelligent black men and women stand w/ Trump.

Lowly sty dwellers call them the ugliest epithets yet the best, brightest and most successful blacks come out stronger and better through it all.

Trump 2020

""One of the officers charged in George Floyd's killing was hired despite having a criminal record and slew of traffic violations"

State court records show that from 2001 to 2018, he also racked up more than a dozen criminal charges and traffic citations. They show that he was convicted of seven total charges.

While the online court database doesn't include the incident reports behind the criminal complaints, it does indicate the nature of the charges and their results.

Four of the charges were related to traffic violations, including speeding and obstructing traffic. Two were parking-meter violations.

In several instances, Lane also faced criminal charges.

In October 2001, when Lane was 18, he was charged with two counts of obstructing legal process, damaging property, unlawful assembly, and disorderly conduct. He was convicted of one count of obstructing legal process and one charge of damaging property.

Almost six years later, in March 2007, Lane faced misdemeanor charges of hosting a noisy party or gathering and disorderly conduct. He was found guilty of the noisy-gathering charge."

I'm not sure what to say.
techy46 profile picture

"Lane also faced criminal charges"

Lane's the one that they wan to flip as witness.

christ she is disgusting

Mara Liasson
· 19h
Biggest antifa rally in history. twitter.com/NorbertElekes/…
Tom Armistead profile picture
I keep waiting for the tweet where Trump pats himself on the back because his protests are much bigger than anything during Obama's presidency.
Buyandhold 2012 profile picture
Wasn't it Donald Trump's birthday yesterday?

I wonder what Melania gave him for his birthday.

A bullet proof vest?

A 24 carat gold toilet for his bunker?

A new orange wig?
@Buyandhold 2012 His birthday is next weekend. we have a couple friends in Jupiter who are riding in a motorcycle rally/birthday ride for Trump and its next Saturday.
Jack D Stocks profile picture
@Buyandhold 2012

Whoops! off on your facts again?
Buyandhold 2012 profile picture

Darn it!

I'm in Connecticut.

Can't ride in the Jupiter motorcycle rally for Trump.

And I don't have a motorcycle.

But I do have a Raleigh 3 speed bicycle with hand and foot brakes.

And baskets on the back for the groceries.
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