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Stocks To Watch: Buzz On Vroom, Lululemon, GameStop And Sports Betting Plays

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Welcome to Seeking Alpha's Stocks to Watch - a preview of key events scheduled for the next week. Follow this account and turn the e-mail alert on to receive this article in your inbox every Saturday morning. A podcast of Stocks to Watch is also available on Sundays on Seeking Alpha, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify (click the highlighted links).

Fed Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will be in the spotlight next week when the Federal Open Market Committee meets on June 9-10. Powell is expected to face questions on the central bank's role in the economic recovery and what tools are still available to use. "We think right now they’re just trying to get this Main Street lending program to work. The question is are they going to do more things around what they do in terms of forward guidance and next steps of macro easing," previews Bank of America economist Ethan Harris. On the economic front, reports on consumer prices, producer prices and consumer sentiment will be watched closely. The weekly jobless claims numbers due out on June 11 will be crucial for sentiment after May’s employment report showed a surprising record gain of 2.5M jobs. On the corporate side of things, Lululemon (LULU) reports earnings with shares sitting near their all-time high and a board battle at GameStop (GME) goes to a vote.

Earnings spotlight: REV Group (REVG) and Stitch Fix (SFIX) on June 8; Signet Jewelers (SIG), AMC Entertainment (AMC), Chewy (CHWY), Five Below (FIVE) and GameStop on June 9; Guess (GES) and Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB) on June 10; Adobe (ADBE), Dave & Buster's Entertainment (PLAY) and Lululemon on June 11.
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IPO watch: Online car seller Vroom (VRM) is offering about 18.8M shares

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Our news team's weekend preview of upcoming IPOs, earnings reports, conference presentations, investor days, IPO lockup expirations, FDA decisions, Barron's mentions, and other key events that could impact stocks.

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Comments (47)

pat45 profile picture
this market is in total euphoria stage...don't know when but we will have serious down soon...but then again the fed may give us another 10 trillion you know Trump wants market up to ensure his election.
Ohhhh...and don’t forget the jobs numbers put out by the government this week were WRONG! Eve. They have admitted it! We are over 16%!! Complete HS!!!
nunccoepi profile picture
Marijuana is in the future and it starts now. We need to just legalize it in all States for recreational use. It's going to happen but the question is when. GTBIF is positioned well for an upward push. Well organized group.
dont do it yet...to many dogs in fight right now......you may get lucky but its a long shot...most companies are lying.....played with PHOT about 5 years ago....made a good hit then reinvested again lost my butt...be careful
GameBuzz profile picture
Yes, drivers on pot have even faster response times than NASCAR drivers, while surgeons, cops, firefighters, soldiers and air traffic controllers all think much faster and clearer when stoned as well.
No mention of the Goldman Healthcare virtual conference next week? Is that because it's second tier?
johnsoriaknows profile picture
Several of my picks will have a stellar rest of June starting Monday because of powerful near-term catalysts. Here is actionable information on most of them:


Good luck!!
I wouldn't normally pile into a gaming ETF, but when you look under the hood of BETZ, it gives you exposure to some foreign companies not listed in the US that look quite interesting.
if u like ddog whats ur thoughts on ayx
eating out = syy.
no touch contracts =docu
no touch health = tdoc
smart phone addiction = amt
protect the flag and our freedom =lmt/gd
SYY= quality
Careful Investor profile picture
Instead of TDOC which has 100's of competitors, look at CHANGE (CHNG) which is the arms merchant for all of them
OPEC & its oil-producing allies agreed today to extend the 9.7 bpd production cut through July. In the past months the U.S. production has fallen off, but you can rest assured that since crude oil is moving higher, the U.S. production will undoubtedly tick back up. Once the price of oil gets near $45 barrel, the drilling production will start increasing. I live near the N. Dakota_Montana Baaken oil fields & they're just waiting patiently for the sign to start drilling again. Many good jobs were temporarily lost due to the current situation & now those temporarily unemployed roughnecks will be hired back soon. Mr. Hamm & his Continental Resources Co. will be delighted. Plus the business's in the surrounding areas will be doing likewise. More economic recovery to add to the 'new bullish' Markets, which is recovering from the shortest 'bear' Market. Markets will be jumping higher next week, continuing the move higher in my humble opinion.
What stocks do you recommend to buy? (Drilling )
@Rdikhanov As for me , I'm not buying more shrs at this time in my energy sector portfolio, as the price of oil is recovering at this time driving up the shrs of energy related stocks. Will wait for the next catalyst that drives them back down, as you never know what will likely happen in these volatile times. But I can inform you of the ones that I hold a modest amount of shrs in my portfolio of energy stocks & you can get an idea. I like refiner = VLO, debt 44.36 & ROE 11.11 - 'Energy Majors' = COP, debt 42.58 & ROE 21.49 - PSX, debt 47.22 & ROE 12.56 - my final holding is EOG, debt 23.92 & ROE 13.34... Cheers.
mutual funds have done me very well...they are easy to get info on and you are very diversified. Got into T Rowe Price Growth stock fund and have done very good
Why be diversified when you can focus on sectors that make money?
cachinga profile picture
UBA, hope the decrease is only temporary. Getting tired of this.
marpy profile picture
Kind of useless! You get an e mail due to stocks on your watch list and then you are expected to go on a fishing expedition to find ant info on them. No Thanks!!
johnfairplay profile picture
Life is hard.
First world problem
GameBuzz profile picture
This is why God created the “search” function in browsers.
DOCU is my play for next week. I can see it heading past ATH
Good man, your name says it all
Thst ETF betz looks very intriguing
I’d love to see some Analysis on the BETZ etf. Agreed - very intriguing.
AI STONKS profile picture
Vrm looks like an interesting trade will be watching this one
coach100 profile picture
Keep adding to my 200 shares of ABBV. Great dividend and pipeline of products.
It’s one of my favorite stocks , have been accumulating for a while
Mind if I ask your avg price point? Have some ABBV @74 and see value. Dont know of I should add more at a higher price, or start a small position in ABT/PFE, or riskier play with LMAT/LMNX.
johnsoriaknows profile picture
Trinity Biotech, TRIB, is heading North as the CEO expects that the FDA will clear the company's COVID-19 antibody tests in June (per last week's CC comments). I expect the climb to accelerate going forward. Here is some info on this opportunity (could potentially a 5-bagger):


Havea great weekend and stay safe!
johnsoriaknows profile picture
To put it in perspective, Trinity Biotech will be a significantly higher value than Co-Diagnostics, Inc., CODX, after it start selling its COVID-19 antibody tests. CODX revenues are 99% dependent on COVID-19 tests. Before this windfall it had very little revenues. TRIB is well diversified with bigger global footprint, entering COVID-19 test sales with almost $100M/ year revenues. With new COVI-19 revenues TRIB will be able to pay its deft and come out of this pandemic stronger than ever. CODX on the other hand could go back to where it came from although a bit stronger. Analysts have a $35/share target on CODX and this makes it a $1B enterprise or 30 times TRIB’s current market cap.
Thanks for putting this together every weekend, very helpful
SA Editor Clark Schultz profile picture
Thank you for your feedback.
Basit Saliu profile picture
Zynga acquiring Peak games for $1.8 billion cash-and-stock was a big one for gaming. I would love Take-Two buy Zenimax or Embracer (nee THQ Nordic) for $4 billion cash-and-stock. The pandemic is a boom for the industry.
With the Fed meeting next week, I would expect them to continue supporting the economy. With that in mind, the S&P 500 will scale that psychological 3,200 level, getting ever closer to setting a new record . As for the Nasdaq Composite, you can bet it'll break a new record high, as it is just a small % away from doing so. The Bond Market appears to be signaling that the worst is over for the economy, while the Market rally is broadening, its likely we have a new "bull" Market under way. Who would've thought the Market & economy would recover so quickly? Well, I for one will enjoy the continuing ride to new highs for the DOW currently in process. Have a great weekend & coming week everyone, may we all prosper. Cheers!
Basit Saliu profile picture
Apple will be the first $2 trillion company.
Same here, I’m enjoying it too. Just held tight, reinvesting any dividends, no shorting, onwards and upwards.
@Mayo Man you & I share the same attributes, as I've never in my 36+ yrs of being an investor, have never sold into Market moving selloff events through all those yrs. Dot.com bubble, financial crisis, BREXIT....etc. Came out every time for the better, as the recoveries & % gains always seem to outperform in such recoveries, for me any way. I carry a very diversified portfolio & for anyone who will be investing for yrs to come, falling stock prices are good news, not bad, since they enable you to buy more for less $$. The longer & further stocks fall, & the more steadily you keep buying as they drop, the more $$ you will make in the end-'if' you remain steadfast until the end. My attitude has always been, instead of fearing a bear market, I embrace it & all the opportunities that it provides for me. In many instances I buy more of my investments at lower prices & sell high at my desired price target when met & when needed, some times I 'dollar-cost average' & rebalance when needed. Much of my portfolio is on permanent autopilot, that way, by doing so, I can fight the prediction addiction, focus on my long-term financial goals & ignore the Market's crazy event driven mood swings. Enjoy the ride!!
No hotel resorts?
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