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And The Jack Jumped Out Of The Deck

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Mark J. Grant


  • Those who followed the advice of the calls for a demise have been sadly mistaken.
  • Those who went a step further, and shorted the equity markets, are living in the House of Pain.
  • In equities or risk assets I expect further improvement.

One of these days in your travels, a guy is going to show you a brand-new deck of cards on which the seal is not yet broken. Then this guy is going to offer to bet you that he can make the jack of spades jump out of this brand-new deck of cards and squirt cider in your ear. But, son, do not accept this bet, because as sure as you stand there, you're going to wind up with an ear full of cider.

- Guys and Dolls

It was a few months ago. I had been on TV several times and I had been contacted by the Press. This one and that one were calling for declines in the equity markets of twenty, thirty, forty and even fifty percent. Armageddon was upon us. Everything was going to Hell. Choose your hand basket. The Jack was going to jump out of the deck.

I kept saying I didn't see it. I stood up and felt like a lone wolf, at times. Not that I was calling for what we have gotten, but I certainly wasn't advising people, or institutions, to remove money from the markets or to head for the hills. Those who followed the advice of the calls for a demise have been sadly mistaken. Those who went a step further, and shorted the equity markets, are living in the House of Pain.

It doesn't matter what the press says. It doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. It doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. Republics are founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe in. No matter the odds or consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move. Your

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Mark J. Grant is the Chief Global Strategist at Colliers Securities, LLC. The highlights of a 48-year career in the financial services industry include positions as President of an investment bank, head of Capital Markets for four investment banks, and serving on the Board of Directors of four investment banks. He has been designated as a Bloomberg Prophet, one of only 15 globally. Mark is one of the longest serving guests on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, is frequently interviewed on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, and is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch and other business publications. His commentary, “Out of the Box,” is subscribed to by over 5,000 money managers and financial institutions in more than 46 countries. He is also the author of a book titled “Out of the Box and onto Wall Street.” While Mark’s institutional clients include some of the largest money managers in the world, he also works with high-net worth individual investors. His unique investment strategy is especially useful for people who need yield and monthly cash flows. He employs carefully chosen closed-end funds and exchange traded funds and notes to produce monthly income for his clients, currently he is able to provide yields are 10%+, however current performance is no guarantee of future results. For additional information, email Mark at Markjgrant@Bloomberg.net.

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