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Dividend Income Summary: Bert's May 2020 Summary

Jun. 09, 2020 6:26 AM ETWRK, T, PG, JNJ, OXY7 Comments
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  • This pandemic has taught me a lot about investing. More than ever, I have focused on purchasing high-quality dividend growth stocks that will perform well in the pandemic.
  • The obvious, albeit, most frustrating item from the month: WestRock's dividend.
  • The only other negative change was DowDuPont changing their dividend payment structure post spin-off.
  • In April, I received several dividend cuts that were partially offset by Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson's dividend increases.

May is over. Boy did the stock market end with a bang! States are easing their lockdown restrictions and the economy is starting to open again. Already, the stock market is trading at their pre-pandemic levels. The impact of the reopening will be fascinating to follow over the next couple of months. When each month closes, we each type up our respective dividend income summaries to share our results, progress, and most importantly, hold ourselves accountable. My dividend income summary this month had some positive news. However, my dividend income was also plagued by some nasty dividend cuts. Let's take a look at the detailed results.

Dividend investing is amazing for so many reasons. Slowly, we invest every dollar we can to build a growing, tax-efficient passive income stream by investing in undervalued dividend growth stocks. We use our Dividend Stock Screener and a suite of other metrics to identify investments.

This pandemic has taught me a lot about investing. More than ever, I have focused on purchasing high-quality dividend growth stocks that will perform well in the pandemic. Lanny has taken a similar approach as well with his purchases. This pandemic arrived suddenly and the impact was felt immediately, unlike any other recession I have witnessed or read about.

Thus, by investing in Dividend Aristocrats and high quality dividend stocks, I am purchasing companies that have increased their dividend through multiple recessions. You cannot predict when and where the next recession will strike; however, you can choose to invest in companies that have a history of paying and increasing their dividend when the recession does arise.

Dividend investing is always a work in progress and your strategy evolves with time. You are always constantly learning something new and becoming better each day. The fun part of writing these summary reviews is

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Two guys who love Investing, Dividends, Frugality, Passive Income & attempting to Reinvest Our Dividends to one day achieve Financial Freedom! Follow us on your journey towards a work-free life! We share EVERY ASPECT of our journey on our blog, social media, and YouTube Channel. Make sure to follow us so you don't miss an update. Updates include the stocks we are watching, buying, selling, and our overall thoughts about the the marketBlog: http://www.dividenddiplomats.comYouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/dividenddiplomatsTwitter: https://twitter.com/DvdndDiplomats

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Comments (7)

You should focus on growth. I do t recommend any investor focus on dividends until they can earn at least 10k a month form their investments

Growth stocks is what will get you the largest income stream. Ironically many people can’t accept this simple fact and want to start with small money in dividend paying stocks right away...Big mistake
"Growth stocks is what will get you the largest income stream." Well on my planet growth stocks may get you NO income stream. Now if you are great at timing the market (buy low, sell high), you may be able to generate great returns for your growth stock investments which you can then start again picking growth stock winners if you are really good. Most investors are not that good unfortunately.
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Agreed! WestRock's dividend cut fits in with their exemplary cash management policy, was implemented at a time when they would receive minimum backlash, and therefore should not have come as a surprise at all. God bless America!
QQQ made me millions got me plenty of income stream from selling HUGE gains...
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OXY, WRK. KMI and what the heck is CZMC? You boys should stick to blue chip high quality companies with solid earnings growth and dividend histories. I looked at the FastGraphs for CZMC and KMI. Oh boy. If you are looking for solid established great blue chips that are currently discounted maybe look at BMY, INTC, AVGO, CVS, AMP, PRU, WFC, GD and maybe T. We could have a second wave of COVID and you need to be in quality names. Very few of the greatest companies are on sale right now but there are a few. I own over 60, all purchased at fair or discounted prices over time. Only one, RDS.B has cut divi. I bought SNA and GPC during the March swoon and got them for discounted prices near their 52 week lows. Otherwise I stayed sheltered in place.
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