Retirement Advisor: More Important Than 'Time In The Market' (Podcast)

Jun. 19, 2020 7:00 AM ET6 Comments9 Likes
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  • As obvious as this sounds, investors must define their goals and work toward achieving them.
  • We have become conditioned to expecting the market to do the heavy lifting for us.
  • Look no further than Japan if you assume that “time in the market” is a salve for investors.

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Investors need to step up and do the hard work of saving their own capital for retirement.

This podcast (6:02) suggests that the calendar, that is to say the passage of time, is a less reliable guide to success than human effort and accomplishment.

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GIL WEINREICH - Author of "The Mentor," a unique parable for financial advisors and those who aspire to become one. I have worked in the FA arena since 1997, and during that time, the New York State Society of CPAs twice awarded its prestigious Excellence in Financial Journalism award to me for a monthly column I wrote on business ethics. Previously, I reported on international news for Voice of America (where I was awarded a newsroom writing award) and prior to that worked as an editorial assistant at U.S. News and World Report. I live with my wife and children amidst the verdant and vibrant hills and dales of Jerusalem.

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