Alaska Communications: Implementing An Activist Playbook, Still Cheap

About: Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. (ALSK), Includes: ATNI, AVALX, CBB, CBB.PB, CCOI, CCUR, CNSL, GLIBA, GLIBB, GLIBP, HCHC, LICT, OTEL, SEAC, SHEN, USM, UZA, UZB, UZC
by: Daniel Shvartsman
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Daniel Shvartsman
Long Only, Value, long-term horizon

Alaska Communications is successfully threading the needle of growing their broadband business as fast/faster than their legacy revenues decline.

They are following an activist investor's playbook, turning over management and refreshing their board, and returning capital to shareholders.

The stock remains cheap and while there's no immediate catalyst, the randomness in the share price may offer an intriguing entry point.

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Alaska Communications (ALSK) is a sleepy