MongoDB: The Disruptive Database Platform

About: MongoDB, Inc. (MDB), Includes: ADBE, AMZN, CRM, GOOG, GOOGL, IBM, MSFT, ORCL
by: Louis Stevens
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MongoDB is a disruptive general-purpose database platform that is gaining traction among application developers across the globe.

MongoDB's huge total addressable market is expanding rapidly whilst providing a long growth runway for the company.

The projected 2-yr revenue CAGR of ~29% combined with a strong margin profile makes MongoDB an interesting investment idea.

With that being said, the market has sniffed out as much already, and the returns I project using conservative estimates, approximately 13%, are not those which I'd write home about.

I rate MongoDB a moderate buy at ~$210.


Investment Thesis

MongoDB (MDB) is a general-purpose database platform that can run applications at scale across many different use cases in multiple environments, i.e., in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. In