Urgent Warning To REIT Investors



  • Volatility is back in a big way.
  • Before you panic and sell, we suggest that you read this article.
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After a strong recovery from late March until Mid-September, REITs sold off by nearly 10% over the past few days:

That's the average performance of a market-cap weighted REIT ETF (VNQ), so you can imagine that many individual REITs did even worse.

For instance, the already beaten-down mall, office, and hotel REITs dropped by 15-20% in just a few days:

  • Simon Property Group (SPG): down 15%
  • SL Green (SLG): down 15%
  • Host Hotels (HST): down 15%
  • Kite Realty (KRG): down 16%
  • RLJ Lodging (RLJ): down 21%

Even the highest quality blue-chips are suffering significant volatility. Most notably, Federal Realty Trust (FRT) dropped by nearly 10% in a single day on Monday.

This is an A-rated REIT with a 52-year track record of rising dividends and resilient fundamentals for those of you who don't know FRT. It has historically served as a "Safe-Haven" during times of volatility. So it sure isn't reassuring to see it drop like a rock. Many of you may ask yourself what's happening.

We wish we had the right answer for you, but the reality is that there isn't much news. We are still going through a pandemic. Covid cases are still on the rise. And the vaccine still isn't ready for mass distribution. Nothing that we wouldn't know already. REITs can go up and down by large amounts without any underlying reasons in the short run. The next question is, how should we approach this recent sell-off?

It may be very tempting to sell now to avoid any further pain. This is particularly true when everyone else appears to be panicking. How often have you seen the following comments on Seeking Alpha?

REITs cannot collect rents. Sell!

REITs are going much lower. Sell!

REITs will go bankrupt. Sell!

And that's what we want to

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