Amazon's Luna Vs. Google's Stadia: The Former Is Superior But Neither Really Matter

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by: Damon Verial
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Amazon's release of Luna looks to be a much more successful version of Google's Stadia release due to Amazon's focus on reducing certain barriers of entry.

In competing with Google's Stadia, Amazon has cultivated an environment and chosen adequate timing to win this battle.

Nevertheless, Luna's release cannot compensate for Amazon's nosebleed stock price and will be of little significance to Amazon's overall business.

If anything, playing the short side is smarter at this point due to the risk and reward; Luna is a good product, and Amazon is a good investment, but selling the news is the better option at this point.

Amazon (AMZN) recently announced Luna - a cloud-based gaming service that operates much like Alphabet's (GOOG) Stadia. Luna is interesting in that it appears to compete directly with Stadia yet has