Gold, The Great Reset: World Leaders Are Getting Ready To Reset The World Economy



  • The biggest mistake the US made was when Nixon removed the dollar from the gold standard.
  • The dollar then became a fiat currency, like all the others, and the government could print as many dollars as it wanted when it wanted.
  • This meant that, over time, the dollar was worth less and less.
  • Since 1971, the US dollar has declined 98% compared to gold.
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In March gold hit $1450 after the collapse triggered by the collapse. It fell from $1,704 in just a matter of days in a massive correction. Even so, it discounted the damage that the pandemic was going to cause because the market reversed right away as the Fed announced record stimulus. The Fed leveraged about 10% of GDP to cover the potential losses in the market or about $20 trillion. This suggests the magnitude of the damage that the Fed was anticipating.

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Today, consumer spending is down a few percent and the Fed has only spent about $3 trillion. We believe that the economy is going to need far more stimulus than that amount when we see how much damage the pandemic has caused in the US and around the world.

All of the stimulus is going to cause massive inflation down the road. As the Fed prints more money, each dollar is worth less. Inflation has to occur, so assets that are based on the dollar will inflate, but will really be worth less. Gold is now an alternative currency, which has real value and is not just a piece of paper. The big money woke up and bought a huge amount of gold supply in just three days, which marked a V bottom reversal in March.

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The market got overheated at $2,089, it reverted right back down to the daily, weekly and monthly mean, which were all close together. Gold activated a short trigger

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