BIPC: Boost Your Yield And Capture A 27% Premium By Swapping Shares For Units

About: Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP), BIPC, Includes: BAM, BAMGF, BAMKF, BINFF, BIPAF, BKFPF
by: Steven Broderick
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Steven Broderick
Value, Dividend Investing, long-term horizon

Economically equivalent shares of BIPC are trading at a 27% premium to units of BIP.

The current mispricing of BIPC creates a one-time, one-way opportunity for owners of BIPC to sell their shares in favour of BIP units.

Unitholders of BIP can earn a 4.14% yield versus the 3.47% yield offered by BIPC.

The Opportunity

Brookfield Infrastructure Corporation (BIPC) is an economically identical entity to Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P (BIP). The two symbols are essentially two different ways to own the same company. BIPC