Demand, Lockdowns Make Wood Shortages Likely In 2021

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  • Economic lockdowns have impacted the supply of lumber.
  • Strong demand for lumber has both increased prices and created shortages.
  • These shortages are expected to last into Q2 2021 or longer.
  • Higher lumber prices mean higher input costs impacting profits and inflation.

If there is to be an inflationary force on the horizon, it could very well come from shortages in materials and commodities. Strong price gains are particular in softwood lumber. The 3-year chart below is the price of 1000 board ft of random length softwood lumber.

If anyone went to a Lowe's (LOW) or Home Depot's (HD) lumber department over the summer, you would have noticed both the lack of lumber supply and the price increases. Standard 8ft 2 x 4's were going for over $6 when they were under $3 not that long ago.

Covid scare coupled with shelter in place orders caused a lot of lumber mills to shut down over the course of 2020 hitting lumber supply.

In today's economy, there has been a great change in demand for commodities. On one hand, gasoline demand has been hit hard. On the other hand, demand for lumber is red hot.


To best give justice to the demand for lumber, below is a chart of new home sales. Demand for single family housing outside of cities is what is driving sales.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, New One Family Houses Sold: United States

Homebuilder Toll Brothers (TOL) recently released earnings for the fourth quarter and provided updates on its state of business. There are a few key points worth noting from its conference call.

First, the company noted this:

In the first 6 weeks of our quarter through December 6th, our non-binding reservation deposits, which are a precursor to contracts, are up approximately 48% compared to 1 year ago.

Demand has continued to be very strong in the first quarter. In fact, this Saturday, we will raise prices nationwide for the 5th time this calendar year.

As for demand, the

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