FingerMotion's Date With $171 Billion Pacific Life Leads To It Doubling In January With Room To Grow

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  • Big data providers rising to prominence.
  • Behavior tendencies replacing credit score in risk assessment.
  • Insurtech business rising to prominence.
  • A strong partner sets the stage for continued growth for the foreseeable future.

FingerMotion Inc. (NASDAQ:FNGR) has been on a tear higher for the past 3 months. The Chinese mobile data and services company has been increasing sales and margins while developing its insurtech business. It also uplisted to OTCQX, but when it struck a deal with Pacific Life on January 25, 2021 the stock actually traded down. This is as much an insult to the reputation of Pacific Life and the intelligence of shareholders who sold on the paradigm changing news. This is the same Pacific Life with the whale that comes out of the water and makes a huge splash. Most have seen this commercial. Pacific Life has $1.1 trillion in life insurance policies, $171 billion in assets, and a 150 year plus history. There is clearly a disconnect in the market and this article should clear things up.

Author Graphic - FingerMotion vs Snowflake

Reason for Pacific Life Partnership - BIG DATA

It's all about the data. FingerMotion is the only company in the world with the exception of Snowflake Inc. (SNOW) that could give the depth of data to profile users and assess their insurance risk. The primary difference between Snowflake and FingerMotion is that Snowflake has to integrate with the customers database to extrapolate behavioral analytics but FingerMotion has access to 1.1 billion mobile users. The actual data resides in their database and can give the most accurate assessment of behavior. Investors should consider FingerMotion as the Chinese version of Snowflake with a much more accurate database. It appears as though FingerMotion has cornered the market on the mobile data in China. So, investors then need to ask, what it’s really worth. Investors should also be asking, why on earth did Pacific Life choose FingerMotion instead of Snowflake. Snowflake has an $83 billion market cap versus a $415 million market cap for FingerMotion. What does FingerMotion

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