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Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN) CEO John Thero Presents at Cowen 41st Annual Health Care Conference (Transcript)

Mar. 01, 2021 2:40 PM ETAmarin Corporation plc (AMRN)17 Comments
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Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ:AMRN) Cowen 41st Annual Health Care Conference March 1, 2021 10:20 AM ET

Company Participants

Ken Cacciatore - Amarin

John Thero - President and CEO

Conference Call Participants

Ken Cacciatore

Great. I wanted to thank John for joining us on our Fireside Chat Discussion. We're thrilled to have you. I'm joined with Georgi from my team and Stacy. And obviously, I think you all know how to ask questions on the -- to submit questions, and we're going to be trying to search for them and try to get them in.

But John, thanks so much for joining us here. I just wanted to say off the bat, I know I write fairly directly and sometimes give opinions that are kind of my own, even though I've only worked at Cowen for 24 years, I've never been in the seat like yours where you're responsible for really tons of employees and the decisions you make have such huge ramifications.

I want you to know how empathetic I am to that. And when we write what we write, we're really well aware of kind of the stresses and strains that you're under. So I want you to know we're appreciative of you joining us. We appreciate you're such a good gentleman and a good support for the commentary that we give you. So I just wanted to tell you upfront that even though I write how I write, I truly understand the kind of the position that you're in.

So kicking it off though with the first question. We do talk about this delicate balance of investing in the U.S. with a lot of different push and pulls that are coming to you with the genericization potentially and to what degree they may get there versus investing in Europe, which looks

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Comments (17)

climbthemountain profile picture
This man is not a good leader. Consequently, this company will continue to lag. They certainly don't have shareholders in mind.
fire0nice228 profile picture
What killed the SP today
@fire0nice228 Yeah, what the heck happened today is what i'd like to know as well.
@fire0nice228 John Thero spoke.....
Dinjax profile picture
@mo2dafo @fire0nice228 the only news I could find was some insider selling 2/25 and 2/26 on EDGAR:

Commercial officer A. Berg- sold 55k shares, still has rights on 1.4M

CFO Kalb sold 54k shares, still has rights on 1.3M

Gen Counsel Kennedy sold 68k shares, still has rights on 1.3M

Pres/CEO Thero sold 188k shares, still has rights on 10.5M

Doesn't look like a wholesale exit to me. Market overreaction?
vascepa will be recommended and take a commanding portion of the market in two years and for those that hold on, they will be richly rewarded. Nothing even comes close to what Vascepa has on the market !!
Thero threading a needle - how to manage this company such that it isn't appealing to Big Pharma (based on product pricing strategy especially) thus avoiding a buyout that will put a cork in the excessive management stock compensation, yet keeping it going such that this honey pot will continue for him and his cronies.

Shareholder interests??? Meh. Not a concern to Thero.
@Wake up to Reality I may love Thero if he was my Dad and I was his only son. But if he several offspring--you better be his favorite, because he is keeping every cent he can steal from shareholders. (It was hard for me not to use much more foul language). Still, I think I can accurately say GREEDY PUNK!!!!!!
Every time this fool talks the SP goes down.
01 Mar. 2021
@pav1of4 he is a terrible wannabe CEO
Let’s make one thing perfectly clear...I am not disputing the efficacy of Vascepa! What I am saying is to invest in this piece of ......well at your own risk!
@FY2F2 Perhaps "terribly clear" works better, but I perfectly agree!
What a piece of poo! How can this stock be down 6% on a day like today......very simple.....incompetent management!
bbob68 profile picture
I have ben following this story and long ARMN for over 12 years now. The REDUCE it study was extremely comprehensive and encouraging for both investors and cardiac patients. I consider the adverse decision taken by the Courts to be almost a black swan event and certainly violative of common sense. Hopefully a long course of adverse events will be reversed and they will ultimately prevail in the market. Their product product is essentially equal to stains in terms of reduction of cardiac risk and they badly need to get that message out there.
@bbob68 Me too...for 14 years! Even worse. I had one more terribly bloody nose dive to deal with. I agree with your Black Swan Court call, as one of the greatest double entendres of all time! Thero clearly wants as long as possible to continue to get rich himself, while screwing shareholders and those in need of this true wonder drug. Taking $35-40 buyout in early 2007 per share before dilution after dilution, would have given us all a chance to pull a 6 bagger and then diversify safely in NASDAQ up over 6x since then--for a 36 bagger! But here we are at some sort of May 2007 level after 14 years of world domination, while NASDQ went up over 6x, and all our funds were tied up making a damn nickel in 14 years. And F the courts. We hit $27 before falling under $4 thanks to the commie judge in Nevada declaring herself to be an FDA expert and overturn patents! That major commie b*tch needs to stay in her lane--in prison! That ruling set medicine back eternally, because instead of 1000s of companies efforting for life changing drugs, we will end up with 3. That's one way to solve the social security issue--let everyone DIE based on your decision to step so far out of your lane and act like an FDA patent expert, Judge Du! Hell can't possibly be bad enough to justify how many people she just killed across all of the pharma sectors. What a dumb, short sighted judge. She's against big pharma, and just killed all small pharma. I'd love to see her get run over by a train, ask her if she needed some rare AB- blood, only to tell her that "I have plenty AB- to save her, but all she can get is some "generic" O+...so sorry Du, you're gonna bleed out right here, right now. The Amarin case ring a bell to you? Let it flash before your eyes, as the millions of people you killed by playing God."
@ctroys12 Dude, you need to settle down or get some help. This is the kind of email the FBI investigates. Can't believe SA let it through. Stop playing the victim card and do something with your investment. I, too, got crushed with the generic win over Vascepa. I took a HUGE loss on this company run by idiots. You lament the big market runup everywhere else. Guess what? You could have pulled out what little you had left in AMRN and put it into other stocks and you, too, would have participated in the big runup. The loss was painful for you, me, everybody associated with holding this stock. But move on. Change strategies. Otherwise, you are due a visit from the FBI with some of your anger issues.
nothing burger........ now give me another boat load of cheap options
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