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Amarin Corporation plc 2020 Q4 - Results - Earnings Call Presentation

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The following slide deck was published by Amarin Corporation plc in conjunction with their 2020 Q4 earnings call.


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Comments (12)

GordyJ profile picture
Stock just hit $5.55 this morning. Until Thero is gone this is a disappointment. Been long for over two years now and good news always drives this stock south.
@GordyJ the whole market is down, especially tech and bio. So you need to be patient here.
NO. This needs an activist, not more patience. Been too long a year since the District Court fiasco. Nice selection of venue, Thero & Kennedy!!
Made a decent run on leaps coming into the year that I bailed on before earnings because of how terrible the management it. This market downturn is just drilling the price lower. I wanted back in around $6 and now it’s headed to $5. Going to wait a bit longer before nibbling on some shares and leaps here again. This market tank is going to help AMRN set up for a nice little run in Q3/Q4 when they start seeing real revenue if they can stay close to debt free.
Secular_Income_Driven profile picture
Anyone else think that this could boost Amarin down the line? www.yahoo.com/...
02 Mar. 2021
YahooFinance profile doesn't update Vascepa for being the only FDA approved
medicine for cardiovascular problems, 4-year shelf life, all positive research
studies, etc.. Some of the largest brokerages are carbon copies of Yahoo's
Amarin profile. Unless more positive information is mentioned on financial
websites and tv financial news, new or existing Amarin investors aren't aware
of its worldwide potential. At least, please contact your brokerage, upper
management as I did yesterday. It is a win-win, more people get healthier
and sp goes up. Let's work together!
I got an idea. Run the commercial a few more times and see the stock still act like s@+/
Seems like this company is just spinning its wheels due to Covid. This is understandable except they are missing this opportunity for a larger study to prove overwhelming efficacy for their product. Funding Covid studies are a waste of money because Covid will fade in 6-12 months but heart disease won’t. I have seen the adds on TV also and they need to retool these. Most don’t even know what Vascepa is. Adds are not direct enough. To convince a person to ask their doctor about it.
@craigwhaler6 the company’s current state has nothing to do with COVID. I’ve been following in/out for the past 10 yrs. They have little imagination how to build this one-trick-pony into something significant.
climbthemountain profile picture
The only reason this company is doing so bad is because the people who run it use it as their personal piggy bank.
I'd pay real money to get rid of the current management
That is called 'getting an activist investor involved'. Unclear how that happens, as I don't have any on my phone list. I guess you need to know somebody. I would have thought the Baker Brothers would have had enough by now. But they seem to have infinite patience. This stock is back to $6.

What does management actually do all day, other than cash in stock options. Oh I know - the CEO gives periodic interviews that dissolution investors and tank the stock. He is an accountant who thinks he should be a big pharma CEO.
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