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SA Interview: Macro And Equity Investing With Atlas Research

Mar. 06, 2021 7:30 AM ETTSLA12 Comments
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SA PRO Interviews


  • Atlas Research is an individual investor and former buyside analyst who brings institutional quality research and investment strategies to the retail audience.
  • The importance of analyzing the top down macro landscape, their take on Tesla and misconceptions in the electric vehicle movement are topics discussed.
  • Atlas Research explains why holding cash is the best investment today - and how it provides optionality in a future buyer’s market.

Feature interview

Atlas Research is an individual investor and former buyside analyst who brings institutional quality research and investment strategies to the retail audience. We discussed the mania in the broader U.S. stock market (and how to play it), why for most investors the only way to win the short squeeze game is by not playing and why the market is making a mistake pricing in a full recovery from the Coronavirus.

Seeking Alpha: Walk us through your investment decision making process. What area of the market do you focus on and what strategies do you employ?

Atlas Research: In a nutshell, I’m looking for compelling single stock ideas wherever they can be found – whether it's consumer or commodity companies, or anything in between. But my process always starts with analyzing the top down macro landscape as a risk management overlay.

For a brief bit of background, I got started in finance working for a macro fund that traded commodities, currencies, fixed income, and equities all around the world. After following every major global market each trading day for several years, it became clear how the macro backdrop plays a huge role in shaping returns nearly across every asset class. As one example, the 2014 – 2016 U.S. Dollar spike that crashed commodities prices across the board showed that, if you’re buying into a commodity producer, you’d better have a strong view on the U.S. Dollar.

For a more recent example, the current spike in global interest rates is threatening to pop what I view as a massively inflated equity bubble, particularly in the tech sector. My hunch is that very few tech investors factor in the sovereign bond market into their investment process. But we’re starting to see how rising bond yields could exert some tremendous headwinds to the record valuations across

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This account publishes the weekly PRO fund manager interview, which is available only to PRO subscribers. These are interviews Seeking Alpha authors and fund managers in the industry about their investing philosophy, recent ideas they have published on Seeking Alpha and elsewhere, and their current favorite ideas. The account will also occasionally repost other interviews we have done with authors or investors.

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Comments (12)

jimwatsonnc profile picture
Surprised not to see mention of oil and gas. Are you saying the gains there have already happened?
Ross Hendricks profile picture
@jimwatsonnc I'm actually very bullish on energy, but have found a platform that allows direct investments into oil and gas wells - called EnergyFunders. There's a long story behind it, but I have been working with the company for the last 18 months and just signed on as a full time employee. After seeing how the process works and getting to know the owners of the platform and the operators who drill the wells, I've decided to sell down my public equity exposure and redeploy that capital into the direct oil and gas wells they offer. It gets around many of the huge problems that plague the public E&P companies and ETFs, including some compelling tax advantages.

I'm planning to release an article series on Seeking Alpha explaining why these direct oil/gas investments can be a great option for energy investors.

Stay tuned for more info!
@Atlas Research unfortunately this is a narrow one sided viewpoint. I repeat Tesla, is not an ev company.
Lothar Grall profile picture
Great interview! I follow @Atlas Research since maybe two years now. Tremendous insight both on SA and on Twitter. Thank you!
Ross Hendricks profile picture
@Lothar Grall Many thanks!
I felt like I was hearing myself talk. Hopefully we are both right. Yes, thank you for the thoughts and wisdom.
Completely agree on EVs but never underestimate the blatant stupidity of governments around the world. This is about an agenda, not what is good or right.
Milkweed profile picture
I've been an @Atlas Research fan for a while; it's good to see you getting recognition from S.A. You deserve it!
Ross Hendricks profile picture
Appreciate that @Milkweed!
Greenhorn Investor profile picture
Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Atlas Research !
Ross Hendricks profile picture
@Greenhorn Investor Absolutely, thanks for reading!
Rzhyrov777 profile picture
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