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96 Stock Rose Portfolio February Review And Transactions Update: Yield 4.6%

Mar. 03, 2021 9:42 AM ETLMT, MRK, SILJ113 Comments


  • Portfolio Value was up 2.75% in February and 3.64% Ytd with 7 add on buys, 1 new ETF, 1 trim and 2 sells with all transaction prices revealed.
  • Dividend income was up 8.5% from Feb 2020 and up 6.62% from Nov 2020 Q4 from 20 payers with 3 raises and even 2 cuts.
  • Dividend yield dipped a bit to 4.6% from 4.7% last month but the goal of increasing defensive sector % income rose slightly and is discussed.
  • All 96 stocks are listed by % income, high to low, along with % portfolio value, sector, % dividend yield and S&P credit rating to aide the portfolio goal of quality add on candidates and keeping position size in check.

Source: (Author) Rose’s photo of miniature pink garden roses

The Rose Portfolio

96 stocks currently form the portfolio. It is a conglomerate of 3 brokerage accounts, 2 Roth, 1 taxable trust and 6 separate company stocks thrown into the mix. Very few sales will occur in the taxable account which also receives a yearly RMD, required minimum distribution, from a separate not included IRA. I will reveal the taxable account sales when they occur of which none were done this month. The required 2021 RMD was already done in January as cash and is small or ~ 0.35% in comparison to the total Rose portfolio. All dividends generated are still retained in the portfolio and reinvested at my discretion and included in each month's transactions. A more comprehensive portfolio listing of quality and price was done in the January review article here and reveals some nicely priced winners too, at least at the time.


The primary goal for the portfolio is income, as growth has been accomplished satisfactorily now that we are retired. The listing below is therefore from the perspective of %income from high to low for all 96 stocks along with the other metrics and abbreviations that are used as follows:

- S&P Cr R: Standard and Poor credit rating from “FG” Fastgraphs subscription service. The more quality ratings (As and BBB+) are shown in bold.

- 2021 %PV: % portfolio value on February 27th, 2021.

- E 2021 %PInc: % estimated portfolio income for 2021 as known or shown from FG.

- Sector: there are 11 that I and most brokers use for each security type. Those listed in bold are for the defensive sectors.

RIC refers to Regulated Investment Company

Misc RIC refers to 2 types for me; BDC/ Business Development company ( I have 7) or mREIT

This article was written by

RoseNose profile picture
Retired Pharmacist 2010. My name is Rose and I "Nose or Knows" growing dividends on quality dividend paying stocks will keep portfolio income strong with a primary goal of a minimum solid 4+% yield.  Currently it sits at ~4.6% with ~18% cash awaiting value investing.  Solid total return just happens to follow when buying great quality companies with rising earnings and a margin of safety in price. The Rose Income Garden "RIG" portfolio currently holds 80 stocks/ investments, in all 11 sectors.

I am a Promoting and Contributing author for Macro Trading Factory run by The Macro Teller / The Fortune Teller.  The following list shows the # of stocks in each sector along with the largest holding. All stocks listings and statistics are presented at The Macro Trading Factory service alphabetically with sector, credit ratings, current and forward dividend information, yield, x-dates, pay dates, charts and more. All portfolio changes, sells and buys get a Trading Alert and a service article. 


- Quality, low debt companies with great credit ratings and selling at a fair or better price and with a safe and rising dividend.

- To keep defensive stocks/sectors at 50% Portfolio Income.

- Also needed is continued patience watching and waiting for it to happen. Doing nothing when others panic makes for success! 

Update: July 1, 2023.

How to join Macro Trading Factory: explained here: https://seekingalpha.com/author/the-macro-teller/research.

Sectors and holdings are as suggested by Bloomberg.  Some positions are large and some small ; The service has listings for all 78 and shows all trading moves since inception late in 2021.

The largest holding is listed for each sector :

Consumer Staples (10 stocks): (PM) / Philip Morris

Healthcare (9) : (MRK ) / Merck

Communications- tele (3):  (VZ) / Verizon

Utility (9): (XEL) / Xcel Energy 

Consumer Discretionary (2): (HD) / Home Depot

Energy (7): (ENB) / Enbridge

Tech/ "fin-tech" : (4): (AVGO) / Broadcom

Industrial- Defensive (2): (LMT) / Lockheed Martin

Industrial (6): (SBLK) / Star Bulk Carriers

Material (2) : (FMC) FMC Corp.

Financial: (15):  (10) BDCs/ (ARCC) / Ares Capital, (1) bank, (1) ETF CEF , (1) BDC preferred and (2) mREIT

-Fixed Bond (1):  STWD

-Financial Bond ETF (1): JPST for cash parking

REAL ESTATE (Healthcare REITs): (3) : (OHI)  / Omega Healthcare

REAL ESTATE Misc (6): (SPG) / Simon Property Group 

Cash: ~5.68%

I am a Promoting and Contributing author for Macro Trading Factory run by The Macro Trader.  I also belong to the service Wheel of Fortune run by his alter ego The Fortune Teller.  
Happy Investing to ALL !!!  Rose :))

Analyst’s Disclosure: I am/we are long LMT. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

I am long all 96 positions in the charts. The article is for information purposes only in regards to my dividend portfolio structure and goals. Happy Investing to all!

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (113)

RoseNose profile picture
IFN : India Fund just raised the dividend for March to 58c from 50c. With the price near $21, the yield with the raise if it holds is ~11% E -WoW-Za !
@RoseNose TY for turning me on to it
RoseNose profile picture
@rado403 - I believe it will continue... let's hope so, good luck to us all!
The 58c distribution (not dividend) is 100% a return of capital so far...
3 different levels to be exact (short, long) based on the Aberdeen announcement.
I wish everybody the best with IFN
I was doing a little bit of research on TGP. I noticed that they reduced their dividend by about 80% back in 2015. Since then it has doubled. What is the story behind the dividend cut? Thank you.
RoseNose profile picture
@Gordon.G - I have only owned it about 2 years when it was a suggestion at Wheel of Fortune back when it looked to be gaining its "mojo" again. Revenues were poor 2015 through 2017 and they cut the dividend a few times, which is normal to do when revenues dip. Lots of the oil majors and mlps were suffering alike, so it does not surprise me. I look at the estimations on Fastgraphs for the future and it seems it can hang on where it is for now, but I would not chase it nor expect anything too much better for some time. I listen to The Fortune Teller when he says to sell and so far so good, no expectations for selling just now.... Hope that helps. Rose :))
Ah Rose -- a rose is a rose till you sit on it--- Cactus Rose--ouch
Congratulations on a good performance in February! We are seeing some major changes in the market. I am trying to understand where that leads, and am puzzled by some of the price changes.

Interest rates on 10-year treasuries are headed higher, presumably because we are coming out of the COVID recession and people expect businesses to open up, meaning more borrowing, which puts upward pressure on interest rates.

Higher 10-year rates would partially undo the fall in rates experienced last year. Easy money allowed internet stocks to soar. So perhaps one effect would be a rotation from growth to income stocks.

It is difficult to achieve a yield of 4.6% in today's market. You have worked hard to find the best options and your list of 18 top contributors to income gives a start on where to find safe high-dividend stocks.

Energy soared last month, and although the US has tried to shift away from fossil fuels, a look at the energy usage in the US from 1990-2019 (available at mea.org) shows that solar still contributes little. The major change has been coal is replaced with natural gas.

Thus natural gas is a good thing to consider as energy prices begin to rise as the COVID recession ends. Your choice ENB and TGP are ideally suited for that. I'm looking at WMB which is also natural gas pipelines but with a larger cap than TGP.

Also your list brought my attention to IRM. This is one of the last of the REIT's left standing after the COVID carnage. It's price is recovering nicely.

I expect other REIT's like SPG to recover also, although perhaps not quite as much. COVID may have produced a permanent shift away from malls.

I suspect that dividend stocks will do better this year than last. I appreciate you doing the hard work to locate some of the best choices.
Correction: I mistyped the web address---it should be iea.org. There you will find usage of the various types of fuel to produce energy for all of the major countries in the world. That's a useful first step for researching which energy companies in which countries are likely to grow.
RoseNose profile picture
@jdlgsm -Much appreciated comment with a good grasp of my goals and your own goals for quality investing. Interest rates jumped and with the S&P yield now matching the 10yr T - stocks are not looking as interesting. 2% yield or more is important to stay ahead, more if one adds in inflation which is building rapidly. The growth stocks have done their job and now is probably time to take some profits home with those. Energy is in revival mode, thankfully. Happy with what I currently own, even the IOCs will do well. Nice yields thus far, except for RDS/b, it is slower.
IRM is now in favor by many, as they are seen moving to data storage and not just paper storage. The yield is very attractive, however without much growth in it. SPG will survive with its great locations and better clients in the malls. Now, they, the management, hopefully, should pay all 4 dividends this year and not skip one as they did in 2020 along with that cut.
I was extremely disappointed at the sneaky way they left a payment out of 2020. I am still long SPG.
Good Luck to us all!
@jdlgsm The natural gas promise is being diminshed by California -- one city - do not remember which one-- is banning natural gas appliances-- has to be all electric-- classic California get electricity from some other zip code-- natural gas is dirty not as much if you have cleaned out a nat gas fireplace
Congrats on February.
Looking forward to reading March.
RoseNose profile picture
@jbadilla23 - Thanks and I will provide a Q1 update and then decide my future writing updates, maybe something else about investing....just thinking , or over thinking again.
I am surprised you hold GEO. Is it on the list of holdings to be reduced?
RoseNose profile picture
@mm13cbr600f2 -
I just did let it go on Friday....Hurt like hell! Held way too long, should a listened to The Fortune Teller last year. BUT, its gone and I replaced the income with PMTN @ $2.03 and 11.8% yield, for now.... it might get sold, but it will be my speculation position (as GEO was) from now on. Thanks for reading and the ? Rose :))
richjoy403 profile picture
Hi Rose -- Thanks for sharing.

I continue to be amazed by the breadth of holdings you manage, and fully expect you'll reach and exceed triple-digit holdings.

You're a worthy inspiration to all SDI's.

RoseNose profile picture
@richjoy403 - Hi there my friend. I am so glad to know you still reading my articles and around on SA. I so enjoy your insightful thinking.
I don't worry about the # of holdings, ever, its what they represent they keeps me interested! Best to you and hope spring is coming our way soon! Rose :))
Thank you for your update and congratulations on the February results.
I added one company to my DG portfolio in February: APD.
A tiny position that I bought at the recent lows just after the earnings release (lucky). A fantastic DG company that I always wanted to own and that I will increase over time depending on the price or multiples.
This current correction might provide a great entrance point to a lot of DG companies I am following.
Good March investing!
RoseNose profile picture
@montrachet - Thank you for the comment. APD has always been a quality company, but I have trouble finding a good entry point. I like you have it and hope it continues to please you! Best, Rose :))
Bucknfl profile picture
🌹 I always enjoy your educational posts. I sold several stocks last year that cut their dividends. I am still holding EPR & FUN even w div cuts. It may take a year but I think both will recover nicely as the markets look forward. I averaged down with STWD & NYCB which has worked out. HD & MSFT have been monsters. All the best.
RoseNose profile picture
@Bucknfl - Thanks for reading and sharing your investment moves. EPR certainly has been rising up in price, but I do not really see it reinstating the dividend for quite some time. I will exit perhaps in April if I don't roll the call I have on the shares. NYCB is a new one for me and an idea from WoF and is the STWD bond: amazing upward moving picks. HD is drifting lower in price and should be; I remain long. No MSFT :( for me, but, glad for you :)) Rose
Hi Rose and thanks for these updates. I always try to read your work and the comments as thoroughly as I can. We share many holdings. Why are you considering exiting KHC. I have been adding over the last year and hold 150 shares and am in the green and due a divi at end of month. Am I missing something?
RoseNose profile picture
@Humble Student - You are very lucky to have gotten it at its low... Mine were a spin off from Kft and that came from MO/PM. I have owned it for what seems like my whole investing life. The dividend was cut over that time and then was frozen now at a very nice yield. I think it might be time for me to consider moving along. Its not a real important task for me, just a consideration. It sold off its cheese division and now something else. I hope that brings in better profits, but I have no idea in what direction it really is headed.... so I watch mostly. Not a big holding, just a VERY strange one for me and most. I am being VERY patient. Good Luck to us all!
Donggle profile picture
@RoseNose what is the strategy on taking the 21 Rmd in Jan?
RoseNose profile picture
@Donggle - I had the cash and could send it to the taxable account .... I thought MRK was a good buy and got some of it there @$80. Its cheaper now, but one never knows the future. I also was however able to get some NNN at $34 or so... that was cheap, wish I gotten more, but it is what it is. It all works out to get what you want at the time for portfolio goals. I take the RMD when its attractive to do so, not at the last minute when I must.... very happy the RMD income is not needed as yet. Hope that helps. Rose :))
pappyJack profile picture
Hi Rose,
Thank you for another interesting insight into investing. I have followed you and learned a lot about being a retired investor. Not stock picks etc but just good old common sense on handling an investment. Please keep it up and i will await your next article. Stay safe and healthy.
RoseNose profile picture
@pappyJack -Your comment is extremely welcome and appreciated. Best to you as well ! Rose :))
Hi Rose, I hope you and your family are doing well. I always enjoy reading your articles. Currently I am looking to add several stocks yielding 4 percent or better to my income portfolio. I recently purchased 100 shares of $PPL. Your current article has given me some stock ideas that I need to research. Regards Tom
RoseNose profile picture
@Tigertom73 - Thank you for sharing $PPL, I like utilities very much and prefer them with a higher yield as they rarely grow up much in price. If there is dividend growth it always helps with those for sure. Thanks for reading and the comment. Rose :))
@Tigertom73 @RoseNose I'd be cautious with PPL - nice dividend, but they have stated their intent to sell their UK operations, and that represents a large chunk of the company. Some question as to whether they will cut the dividend, and if I recall correctly management has not been forthcoming on what they will do with the proceeds except to say that it won't go to shareholders.

I was in and then out back in the fall, exited with a modest short-term gain.

This is not a comment on the company or industry, I have a couple of utilities myself. But if you're looking to $PPL for dividend security you might want to wait until the dust settles on the sale.

I just find it peculiar that management has not done more to reassure investors.

RoseNose profile picture
@angryprez - Very much appreciated information. I personally was not going to get it, as I like the utes I already have... But I do enjoy shopping..lol
capemd1994 profile picture
Excellent summary. I really look forward to your monthly updates. What strikes me the most is your discipline and patience in shaping your portfolio. I also added LMT and the miners are looking very enticing. AWK is also on my radar.
Thanks again
RoseNose profile picture
@capemd1994 - Thanks for the nice comment and sharing your investing. I have always thought water stocks would be nice to own, but never found them priced to perfection (or at least 3% yield). Good Luck... and LMT should do well for us. Best :)) Rose
Rose- Today's idea that I got from you is NEM, as it does look attractive with a 4% div. Years ago, I owned several precious metals stocks, including NEM, and although I made a modest profit, it was a bad move because I should have been investing in AAPL, etc. where the real money was to made. Maybe now, with the market being so expensive, NEM may be profitable. I also have been adding WPC, which I like at a 6% yield. I have also recently bought a bunch of RQI, which I like because of the yield, good management, and a good exposure to AMT and CCI. I will keep my eye on NEM. I also may try to buy some TGP which also looks attractive.
RoseNose profile picture
@dividendhigh - Thanks for the interesting investing history. You seem to have a new grasp of the characteristics of your investing types and there are many kinds. Yield, growth and just plain bond like attributes, as well as the ying and yang, or what can be called bar bells types. Diversification is always good, but value and quality will always save a portfolio....Go slow and learn. TGP is raising the dividend and just did as expected : up to .288 for the next payment, bringing the yield to 8%. which to me is just fine, but my goals could be different. You must be the happy investor with your choices... Best ! Rose :))
Shaine profile picture
RoseNose profile picture
@Shaine - Thank you for reading and the comment !
44Cadillac profile picture
Hi Rose,
I like your thoughts on RDS-B, just letting it ride after disaster 2020.
I did triple down on XOM and am now back in the black. No divvy cut and GS cheerleading helped a lot.
PFE is my head scratcher. Holding but add more?
BCE has turned out well. Holding. Saw it first here so thanks.
VNO was a good trade. WPC is back on my list.
Thanks for sharing.
RoseNose profile picture
@8210021 - Thanks for the nice list of your investing thoughts... We all have them and need to work it out for out own needs and happiness.
PFE is indeed odd and I have a few calls on my shares to sell >40. It has gone south, but does move generally between 32 and 41. The 4% yield is what is keeping most into it. However the last raise was only 1c, but they did spin off VTRS. Time will tell how that works out, but many are discouraged by the .44 dividend for it. ...it needs time to be successful, I should think. If it dips below 32, its a buy or even selling some OTM puts to get it even cheaper, maybe. Lots to think about.
BCE is doing well.
WPC could fall more and it also is like a 6% bond.
It's yield is better than PFE for sure, I should move some... Hmmm... Thanks for the idea....(Its not defensive exactly, but I like it).
Good Luck ! Rose :))
44Cadillac profile picture
@RoseNose PFE had a great morning so I sold it at 34.95 and made a little $$ plus the div. Now what? Get back in at a better price, <34?

BCE and WPC are my focus as xdiv approaches. Cheers!
RoseNose profile picture
@8210021 -PFE has a nice yield ~4.5% already and is what keeps folks with it. If you sell a put here and now (I have not looked), but that would be the method I would consider first. If not, then try to get near $32 or so. 5% yield is 31.25... but that would be ideal. ... Good Luck !
TRigell profile picture
Hi Rose, Another great review! We share many of the same names so I always look forward to your reviews. I’ve been doing more options lately, mainly suggestions from the Wheel of Fortune...a great place to learn and make money! Like you, I also have a couple of BMY puts expiring in April and a couple of HL puts expiring in a couple of months. This morning I added a few more shares of VTRS and VZ, and yesterday some LMT. Have fun with your March dividends. My plan is to add to defensive names, but those WOF TA’s are always tempting me away from my plans. The cactus roses are pretty!  
Thanks again for another great update! Teresa
RoseNose profile picture
@TRigell - We agree on all the same great ideas ! ... and there are more I just can not do without the March dividends. VTRS is tempting today for sure under $14. Kudos! Thank you for sharing and the nice comment. Rose :)) God Bless.
@RoseNose Hi Rose. I am thinking that a percentage of cash should be kept for versatility in as part of a defense and the ability to jump on a good opportunity. Your thoughts?
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Hi Teresa @TRigell
"My plan is to add to defensive names, but those WOF TA’s are always tempting me away from my plans."
Perhaps we should switch chairs/hats...🤔

"The cactus roses are pretty!"
So true...
Rose, thank you for your portfolio update. Any defensive plays if Wall street tanks (corrects) later in the year?
RoseNose profile picture
@labman106 - Being in defensive sectors will generally mean less down or lower beta moves. Nothing is safe from a down market that I am aware of. Thanks for reading and the ? Best, Rose :))
graovsko profile picture
Rose--Thank you for your generosity in providing these terrific updates. I am wondering what you are thinking about RDS.B in your portfolio (forgive me if you addressed this in previous articles). I would like to get out because of the dividend cut but am down 30% from my cost basis at this point even with the price rise for the last few months. Are you holding hoping for the price to recover so you can sell? Or is it a long-term hold for you?
RoseNose profile picture
@graovsko - Well, RDS-B is rather annoying for sure, as it is recovering slower than CVX and XOM. It should be on the track up, but sure is moving slow. I hold and wait for all of them, there is lots of room to go up as yet. If you don't mind the dividend 3.4% is not as good as the others, but still better than lots of other stocks and it actually was just raised a bit. I don't dwell on it much and could possibly sell some call for more income, but love how CVX is recovering, so I will not. Patience with it should be okay unless you have a better replacement and then get out and move on if you desire as you are the only one that needs to be happy. Good Luck :)) Rose
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