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Mr Jak profile picture
Mr Jak
06 Aug. 2021
Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung in the month of June in Mobile Division. What's the reasong for this gradual diminution.

Patrick Papirny profile picture
Great article. I am long because it is a great company and although it is a conglomerate it doesnt make the same mistakes as Siemens or General Electric in the past. They do not plant apple, pear and plum trees but grow new strong branches on an existing tree.
As a Korean stock Samsung is hard to trade for Americans (Schwab and Fidelity stopped trading in Korea several years ago) because of local rules. However you might find an American broker who can buy Korean stocks for you. In Korea it's best to buy the non-voting preferred shares as they typically sell for substantial discounts to the more liquid voting shares (and voting rights don't mean a lot with the chaebols). Another alternative is the Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund (WKOF) in London which has a basket of cheaper Korean preferred stocks.
@rcray yeah indeed, South Korea is one of the most developed Asian countries and highly impopular, unknown and therefore undervalued..

Got any other ideas on South Korean stocks?
@rcray What about the GDR listed on London SMSN?
you say you have "no positions in any stocks mentioned" and give the ticker for Samsung Electronics as SSNLF. However, if you try to get a price under that symbol, nothing comes up as actually trading. What is the point of analyzing Samsung Electronics if you can't buy it?
Holger Investor profile picture
@ahimsaka try ..the GDR Each GDR is 25 shares.

SMSN Commen Shares US7960508882, SMSD Preferred Shares US7960502018
@Holger Investor
thanks I'm aware you can buy SMSN on the London stock exchange but most US Investors don't have access to the LSE. If I put SMSN into the "buy" box in my Merrill Edge account, it's an invalid symbol. The article gives SSNLF but that ticker, whatever it is, comes up, but doesn't trade. As the author doesn't own any positions, I guess he hasn't actually tried to buy any shares, or he'd know that SSNLF is not a valid ticker.
Holger Investor profile picture
This is a great analysis with plenty of facts...Well Done!

I bought Samsung in 2002 first time...Some additional points..
- The growth of the capacities of the chip industry makes look like a pig cycle as observed in this market several times and makes me cautious.
- The chips division generates the majority of profits while the other divisions are generating a strong demand for chips. The company is too big that synergies are very helpful. Thus it would make sense for Samsung Electronics to divest at least the consumer electronics and household appliances.
- The Cheabols were very well connected with the former conservative government. The green - socialist government since 2016 is prosecuting their counterparts including the Samsung founder family like many other political systems are doing it as well with their predecessors. For the industry it is not ideal.
- South Korea transformed from a hungry (for economic success) to a saturated green - left country. The business location South Korea changed from an asset to a burden. The USA as a location for many factories is going to become green left - challenging as well. The question is where to go?????
@Holger Investor 100% great analysis and here in Europe the green left neocons (fake green conservatives, you may call them techno cratians) are a problem as well.

Do you have any favorite upcoming semi / tech or South Korean stocks I should give some attention?

Happy to follow your account, keep up the good work
Holger Investor profile picture
@wbs123 Samsung Electronics, Posco and Hyundai Motors are the most popular ones. These companies are very successful the stocks not really expensive.

This is not a recommendation or proposal to do anything. The data written in this article is not guarranteed. It is my private personal opinion. I own some of these stocks. That`s why I`m not independing.
Oooh two or tree profile picture
Any tips on how to buy the stock while living in the US? It’s not available through my broker (Td/Ameritrade)
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