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Albemarle Corporation (ALB) Management Presents at Goldman Sachs Chemical Intensity Days Conference (Transcript)

Mar. 09, 2021 4:21 PM ETAlbemarle Corporation (ALB)
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Albemarle Corporation (NYSE:ALB) Goldman Sachs Chemical Intensity Days Conference Transcript March 9, 2021 9:45 AM ET


Eric Norris - President, Lithium

Meredith Bandy - Vice President, Investor Relations and Sustainability


Bob Koort - Goldman Sachs

Mike Harris - Goldman Sachs

Tom Glinski - Goldman Sachs

Emily Katz - Goldman Sachs

Bob Koort

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to our Chemical Intensity Days. I’m Bob Koort. I run the equity research effort here at Goldman Sachs in the chemical space and I have my teammates, Mike Harris, Tom Glinski, and Emily Katz on as well.

The format of the presentation will be, Eric Norris from the President of Lithium from Albemarle will give us an overview of the markets. Then you can move the slides as you see them on the webcast yourselves. He’ll refer to those slide numbers so you can keep track. And at the end, we’ll have a Q&A session. You can submit your questions into the portal. There should be a little chat box there where you can submit those and we’ll ask them on your behalf. And then Eric and Meredith Bandy, who is the VP of IR and Sustainability at Albemarle will join Eric in answering those questions. So we’re going to have about 45 minutes today, which should leave us with ample time for questions after Eric’s remarks.

I’ve known Eric, surprisingly now it’s been a couple decades for us Eric since the ‘90s, who spent time at Roman Haas than at FMC and now, of course, heads up their Lithium effort. And so without further ado, let me turn it over to Eric.

Eric Norris

All right. Well, thank you so much, Bob. Got a little echo there. Hopefully, that won’t persist. Very nice to be here. I want to thank you, Bob. Thank Goldman Sachs for having us join. It’s a pleasure

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