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My 36 Stock $338K Portfolio: Back Into China

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Trent Welsh


  • Some major changes in my portfolio in March including an entrance back into a few China stocks, some new Healthcare picks, and a new large financial SPAC position.
  • I also sold off some of my more defensive value positions during the last rotation to add to some of my key tech positions including Apple.
  • A portfolio built for individual investors to outperform the majority of money managers through diversity and risk with the goal to be worth millions in retirement.

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It is my firm belief that 80% of money managers can't outperform the S&P 500 index over time due primarily to the fees they charge their clients. Each and every individual person intent on having the

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B.S. Psychology University of Missouri-Columbia MBA University of Missouri-Columbia Full time investor looking to capitalize on market overreactions and looking for value where others see nothing but wreckage. Long term buys and short term trades to build wealth.Investing Better Than A Money Manager: The Rise Of Retail Investing - By Trent WelshI have an investing book with the title above on Amazon written for beginning retail investors looking to set up a self-directed portfolio with their IRA's, 401k's, or other retirement or trading accounts. It details how to pick and choose stocks amidst the different sectors and how to figure out how much in each sector an investor should have to help achieve diversification.Please take a look at it and let me know your thoughts. Thanks and Best of luck to all :).

Analyst’s Disclosure: I am/we are long GIS, PG, PEP, RDS.B, PBR, HAL, GBTC, HSBC, RPLA, MDXG, ARWR, PFE, MDT, MNKD, SMMT, LLY, J, SPCE, AXON, CLF, NEE, AAPL, QCOM, DELL, XLNX, RBLX, DIS, GOOGL, TME, WWE, BIDU, TSCO, TSLA, BABA, MELI, AMT. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (71)

"It is my firm belief that 80% of money managers can't outperform the S&P 500 index over time due primarily to the fees they charge their clients. Each and every individual person intent on having the happiest retirement possible could and should take charge of their retirement portfolios..."
Winnertakesall profile picture
They should give Taiwan a few nukes... problem solved.
You lost me when you thought selling T was good idea.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@Yield on Cost I'll rotate back into it later on this year. Always do :). Especially if there is a pullback down below $30 again to around $28.
TAS profile picture
Once China invades Taiwan and the dust settles it will be time to buy Chinese stocks.

Biden will not do anything. Our media will avoid the subject. And investors will reap a longer term windfall on the backs of millions of Taiwan patriots sent to forced labor camps in the Chine interior.
@TAS If u watch Fox News. That should happen next week.
@TAS China, N Korea, RussIa, Iran - they all will pile on Biden soon and he will be spinning.......
@sergman You don’t have to watch Fox- you just have to watch.......
02 Apr. 2021
Long $GBTC and $MSTR!!!! Bitcoin and other cryptos about to shoot up when coinbase goes public on April 14th. Bitcoin is the best long term store of value in my opinion as it has increased on average 200% since its inception in 2009. We have massive stimulus, massive spending and about to have more spending with infrastructure bill. Be diversified yes, but gotta own some bitcoin, GBTC and MSTR.
No one can accuse you of not being well diversified. But I think 33 stocks is too many. I have a larger amount of money (I'm 65) in 19 of the best stocks I can find, which is already too many companies for me to keep fully apprised about. Also, I don't sell nothin'. But I understand; in that case there'd be nuthin' to do or write about. And we've just got to keep DOING, don't we? I found that, if you own great stocks to begin with, churning one's portfolio to seek bigger returns elsewhere is ultimately futile and counterproductive. For example, you sold MSFT and it has since risen substantially. In the end all the sells and buys and second-guesses wash out and you're left with killed compounding.
@Doggywag Correction: 36 stocks. Even worse.
@Doggywag Yeup this is the perfect example of why you he should hold just a few etfs... killing gains and performance with the some of the junk stocks he has.. with this portfolio it’s easy to say he isn’t even beating a simple s&p 500 index fund nevermind a growth etf
Winnertakesall profile picture

l love looking at the top 500 stocks by year... it's amazing how the top 20 change out so quickly. I fully expect the top 20 to fall behind over the next decade. That' means MSFT, AMZN.. Etc. will likely be losers the next 10 years.
DivNDrip profile picture
QQQ gives you 20 percent a year on average , no time wasting with constant buying and selling.
@DivNDrip Until the rest of the market figures this out and it is overbought eventually.
Sold out of Amazon 😂
Trent Welsh profile picture
@initforthelonghaul Will buy back again in a couple months from now.. at the same price hopefully.
@Trent Welsh I suggest you cash out Tesla, Mimedix, and Roblox (I can see at least two of these losing 90% of market cap) so you can get back into Amazon now, purely based on fundamentals.
@jaug1 you believe RBLX is going to lose 90% of its market cap? Are you high?
Beautifully thought out well constructed portfolio.

Thanks for the share.
China has become problomatic. The country is reverting back to the Mao era. Capitalism is not welcome there and the numbers will soon reflect that.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@ababich1 Definate risk. Which is why I sold all of the ones I had late last year. Massive pullbacks are opportunities for me to take shots though. Not going all in for sure but could see some easy quick gains for sure and I'm all about that.
@ababich1 utterly baseless claims that can't be left unchallenged. I've personally read the latest goals of the most recent economic 5 year plan issued by the Chinese Govt. They directly contradict your assertions:

The stated goals include:

1) Requiring self reliance on the part of all individuals, something that would be very refreshing to hear from our Govt

2) Maximum efforts to lead and encourage development in Semiconductor production and all forms of advanced communication technology including 5g.

3) Same goals for EV and all supporting ESG businesses.

4) Maximum effort in creating local security markets that support and encourage as much foreign capital investment in China as possible. You sure don't do that by reverting to Mao's idiotic economics. The Chairman is turning over in his Masoleum as we speak.

Now these are verifiable facts, not uninformed twaddle.
@ababich1 The Chinese Gov't has a mission to conquer the world by cyber terrorism, military, or bio-warfare. They do not care how they get to China 2025. IMHO, World War III is around the corner, start building your bunkers.
wiredlitigator profile picture
Author, thanks. You have more guts than I do selling MSFT for RBLX. Good luck, but that's one I'd pull back. Time will tell.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@wiredlitigator my kids love $RBLX. Gotta change with the times. Hard to sell $MSFT but might be missing out on the new $MSFT if you aren't always looking ahead.
wiredlitigator profile picture
@Trent Welsh , I have a 9, 11 and 13 y/o. All play RBLX. I have watched and agree, I follow their trends. I'll wait for the ER. What I have heard is the applicability of RBLX's immersive world is broad--including education. But watching my kids shop on AMZN and AAPL, i opted for those 2 before. You could be right, and I clearly blew the TSLA opportunity even though I drive an electric car.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@wiredlitigator I have 5 kids. not all play $RBLX but I believe none-the-less. $AAPL I added to aggressively last month as it remains a core holding. $AMZN was hard to sell but how else to buy all the Chinese stocks I did. Wait a month or two and hopefully buy back again at around the same price.

All these follow on Tesla wanna bees including $F and $GM will take years to catch up. $TSLA is way overvalued but so is everything that has a clear path to dominance for the next 10 years. Buy the best and don't look back. Ask anyone who Elon Musk is and they will know. He's going places including other worlds. CEO of $F and $GE just passing through. Thanks for playing. P.S. I've paid the deposit on the new cyber truck :). Can't wait to drive my kids to school in it.
Good call on Baidu!! Stay long the best is yet to come!! 😀👍🏻💰💰
Trent Welsh profile picture
@Jeremy94 Yep, think it has a lot of near term upside for sure and tons of long-term upside as well. Perfect entrance point for me so bye bye $AMZN.
Paul Wagner profile picture
@Trent Welsh " @Trent Welsh "21. Tesla (TSLA) continues to dominate the world of online retail, cloud, and virtually anything else it expands into like no other company in history. Is on my current never-sell list with a small celebration every time I can add another share."

Might want to fix that part of the article. At first I thought you got the symbol wrong and the sentence right. Then, I noticed:

"Sold: Sold Amazon (AMZN) in order to get some exposure to China stocks including its Chinese counterpart Alibaba.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@Paul Wagner That was my former $AMZN description sorry. Fixing and changing so many things my eyes missed that one. Sorry and good catch.
DividendNow profile picture
Nice portfolio. Personally, Amazon is a permanent hold for me but I am not adding at current price.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@JS Invest Think $AMZN is stuck in limbo for a little so was a sell for me as a big chunk of my portfolio to buy Chinese stocks and more $AAPL. Plus I have $BABA and $MELI now so I'm fine with not having $AMZN again for a few months. I plan to rebuy $AMZN but needed a bunch of extra cash to up my $AAPL and Chinese holdings.
Benalish profile picture
On Energy - good choice on PBR - it is much more undervalued compared to other energy names currently.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@Benalish If Brazil could stop smacking itself over the head all the time PBR could really put up some numbers and make investors some hay.
Patrick5500 profile picture
Fantastic portfolio! ⭐️⭐️
Trent Welsh profile picture
@Patrick5500 Thanks for the support. Always love to hear what others think both the positive and the negative. Making money is hard so always be open to criticism and complements :).
I don’t think Tesla dominates retail and cloud, that would be Amazon 😅. Not sure if the description was wrong or the symbol
Trent Welsh profile picture
@Honest question Good catch there.. yea.. accidentally switched $TSLA with my former $AMZN ownings. Sorry about that.
When one owns Chinese businesses one supports the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I don't own Chinese companies and I encourage Americans to do the same. There are bigger issues than making money.
Chris Lau profile picture
@Hawk1776 Every time I'm just about to click buy on a CCP stock, I freeze up, too. Can't do it. Got to draw a line.
@Chris Lau Do you freeze up everytime you enter a Walmart too..?
Fininho Da Vida profile picture
@Hawk1776 hypocrites... the US with its double standards. Clean your own house first.
The scourge of family elder abuse affects as many as to 2 million people in the United States, as well as up to 5 million seniors subjected to financial exploitation.

Shame, fear and secrecy surrounding elder abuse have generally made it difficult for experts to obtain exact figures. For Chinese and other Asian American families, the strong influence of traditional culture brings additional challenges to prevention and protection.

This has been a hidden problem since the Obama administration.

Sell all Chinese stocks. They are being delisted in America. Hwang was the first crack. Major global depression is starting with Chinese debt bubble collapse. Worse than 2007/2008.
MTSkyInvesting profile picture
A couple thoughts for you.

Do you realize AMZN owns Twitch? If not, check it out.

In China, I like IQ. Selling for discount versus recent prices due to the family office liquidation.

If you like looking at Form 4s, look at CVNA but set aside a lot of time.
Insiders have sold millions and millions since January, sales literally every other day for 3 months. Relentless selling. It looks fishy, the stock is wildly overpriced and the chart screams head and shoulders.
Never trust a used car salesman.

Good luck.
Trent Welsh profile picture
@MTSkyInvesting Thanks for the info. Love checking out new stocks and situations. Will look into IQ for sure. Don't mess with the short side too often though. Yea, have a little knowledge of twitch and gaming but its not the reason I buy or sell AMZN :). Thanks for reading.
@MTSkyInvesting after that liquidation made 10% of my portfolio BABA, Bidu, JD, and IQ
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