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Brookfield: Offer Gets Raised, Dividend Gets Razed


  • Brookfield Property Partners got a stronger offer from Brookfield Asset Management.
  • This was about in line with our expectations.
  • We dissect the key questions that may be on investors' minds.
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BROOKFIELD US Highway Exit Only Sign
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When we last covered Brookfield Property Partners L.P. (NASDAQ:BPY) and its REIT entity counterpart, Brookfield Property REIT Inc. (NASDAQ:BPYU), we suggested that investors capitalize on the option premiums. The logic being

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We are long BPY preferred shares listed on TSX.

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Comments (124)

Frank M. Pryal profile picture
I hold shares at a higher price so this deal undervalues what it was worth from a few years back. Lower dividend rate forsure
An idea why BPYUP is so much down and below par today?
2whiteroses profile picture
@comeinvestwithme Trying to follow what's going to happen to BPYUP after this BAM transaction gets completed is not very easy, but unless things have changed, BPYUP is expected to be redeemed according to April 1 press release
www.sec.gov/... says, "Following approval of the Arrangement and related transactions by unitholders of BPY, it is expected that the BPYU 6.375% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred stock (NASDAQ: BPYUP) will be redeemed at its par value of $25.00 per share, plus any accrued and unpaid dividends, at or around the closing of the Arrangement."

That seemingly was reconfirmed on p76 of the June 8 invitation for unithholders to vote at the July 16 scheduled special meeting
which says, "On or immediately prior to the Effective Date, the Purchaser Parties will deposit or cause to be deposited with the Depositary, for the benefit of the Unitholders and BPYU Stockholders who will receive the Transaction Consideration in connection with the Transaction (i) sufficient cash to pay in full the aggregate amount required to satisfy (x) the Cash Consideration, which the holders of Acquired Units are entitled to receive under the Arrangement in accordance with the Plan of Arrangement (calculated without reference to whether any holder of BPY Units has exercised Dissent Rights) and (y) the redemption of the BPYU Preferred Shares in accordance with the Arrangement Agreement...." What exactly "in accordance with the Arrangement Agreement" means is a nightmare to track down exactly... I couldn't do it, but you would think this is enough info to expect BPYUP to be redeemed upon closing of this transaction I would think.... If that's true, then this sell-off should represent opportunity... Wish I was more certain.....
@2whiteroses Thank you, 2whiteroses !
@comeinvestwithme It's still below par. So one could currently get a 6.41% annualized return between now and when the preferreds are redeemed, correct?
Sort of an easy choice for me. I bought this for slightly over $10, so I think I will just take the money and run. I'm confident that what I do with the proceeds will turn out better than the BAM offer.
There is an offer to exchange BPYPN for BPYPO. Should you accept it?
Why the heck is BPY trading above the buyout price today?
Trapping Value profile picture
@jasonasdecker BAM price conversion possibility
@jasonasdecker Yep it now becomes a less expensive way to buy into BAM, you can buy BPY and convert it during Q3. But I am guessing the conversion to BAM is not guaranteed, other options are cash or preferred so it doesn't move in tandem.
So you can cash out now of BPY at whatever market price between now and transaction, or wait to get a ratio of:

50% cash @ $18.17 per share, 42% BPYUP, 8% BPO.PR.......

When will the transaction occur? Do you only have that ratio at transaction?
Toofuzzy profile picture
@Trapping Value

What will BPYU holders be paid from the buyout ?

Trying to decide when to sell.
Toofuzzy profile picture
What is this offer worth to BPYU owners ?
Sold one-half of my BPU position at $17.95,
with one-half to go.
Correction- BPYU position.
Why are the preferred shares sp declining. Mabee dbrs cut rating to 3L. Mabee will raise rating after deal is done?
Why isn't BPYU trading at $18.17 ( the new offer price) currently?
@BillFenn @I love capitalism
Because it's a long time until the closing and time is money. The price will slowly climb to the offer price as we get closer to the closing date.
If they offer us 18.17 per share, how can it be that it trades below that threshold?
@I love capitalism because you can sell them now at market price and make more than 2% selling AAPL covered calls in 6 months.
Wow. I remember several SA writers touting BPY. They made Brookfield seem like gods in a can't lose investment in offices and high end retail.

I almost bought some but thought better of it. This article shows good reasons for not doing so. Excellent properties in this REIT but not enough to pay off.

Brookfield specializes in acquiring things cheap then fixing them up. They are still trying to do so with this deal. I guess it's better than a bankruptcy (see the SA article on CBL). Only the institutional investors get out with some funds in a bankruptcy. One SA writer says REITs have never experienced a bankruptcy. LOL. Not true. I remember Koger properties years ago. BPY wasn't a bad idea just poor timing. Gives Brookfield a temporary black eye. They will probably manage their way out of it in coming years at considerable expense.
@jasonjones I am not sure about SA writers but I was never that excited about BPY until the price fell to $8-12 at the onset of the crisis. Commercial property has always been my least favorite of Brookfield's businesses, I always thought it was competitive, cyclical, and fraught with disasters. But at $8-12 buying BPY was a no brainer, specifically because of the support of Brookfield. It's one thing to buy an office or mall REIT during a crisis, but it's another to buy one of four subsidiaries of a diversified global asset management company with over $500 billion to work with. There was never any doubt in my mind that they would support BPY as necessary. The go-private did surprise me somewhat but of course I'm happy, having purchased at bargain levels. As with all investing, price matters, a lot.
I have been trading the preferred for a while now and still hold substantial position in the C,P and N. As BAM takes a lot of debt, in what kind of premium do you see the BAM and BPY ( BPO) preferred trade? The BPO preferred with a minimum clause gives a whole 1% extra than the BAM. The Fixed to float is 1-1.5% extra for BPO compared to BAM. The fixes ones are also 1-1.25% extra.
I was expecting some kind of a quick raise in the BPY preferred but we saw a slight decrease instead. What is your take on this? Cheers
@Sebas_49 i think these preferred-shares bpo and bpy are going down now because of dbrs ratings cut to 3 L but after the deal closes ratings should go to 2L like bam and trade price according
@Spud111 You see the BAM and BPO preferred being roughly equals in the future?. My question remains, would they go and trade at BAM's yield or somewhere between BAM and BPY yield? Is there an historical comparison that could be looked at?
I have a couple questions that I will be asking bpy investor relations
1 who is going to back or guarantee the prefered shares after the takeover
2 if bam does not aquire the prefered shares who pays the dividends.
If bam pays and guarantee the bpo shares they should trade about the same as bam preferred
Is it worth more probably but they already own it and no one is going to raise the offer. Already sold off a good chunk got my dividends in March.
Just been waiting to dump the rest. The time is now the outcome really isn't going change. Want to say it's been fun but it hasn't.
Good luck on the longs but it's like getting blood out of a rock from BAM.
will BPY trade at 18.17 on monday ? Should i buy hell lot of BPY at 17.75 or less ?
Trapping Value profile picture
@manuvns To make 2% over 6 months? Assuming you get all cash? If that floats your boat, go for it.
@Trapping Value thanks i am selling 17$ naked puts exipiring jan 23 , collecting between 90-100$ making 25%. so far collected 1000$
Trapping Value profile picture
@manuvns Those will transfer onto BAM dear and become atypical options. You won't "pocket that" when transaction closes.
It's pretty bad when you headline an article and say the word "Razed"
Instead it should be "Raised" Raze means to destroy.
Trapping Value profile picture
@johnny corsaro Possibly read it (and the article) a few more times before commenting. Might help.
@johnny corsaro

"Pursuant to the terms of the agreement governing the Arrangement, BPY unitholders and holders of shares of BPYU Class A stock and exchangeable limited partnership units of Brookfield Office Property Exchange LP will not receive further quarterly distributions on their securities."
@Trapping Value i read it 10 times and cannot understand. Of course I am not a Stock Broker just an investor. BPY sells for 25.4 a share and BAM which pays a dividend of 1.16% us buying out the unites of BPY for 18.17 a unit. Maybe you can explain? If BPY is partnership then what does that mean to investor buying into a partnership rather than a regular stock like BAM? Why is BPY 25.4 and BAM offering 18.17 a unit to get rest of company? Now it goes from Razed to dazed.
Jstic profile picture
I'm staying away from any Brookfield stocks after watching BEPC lose 30% of it's value in a rising market this year. BAM will dump millions of shares of any one of it's companies on the market at any time when they need cash. These secondary offerings are stock price killers.

Now to be fair, the entire renewable section took a hit this year, but none as bad as BEPC and BEP.
@Jstic and all BAM pays is just over 1% dividend. I don't understand
HaBo profile picture
I have read your interesting and informative article and the comments, i am unclear about the conclusion; Should I sell, hold my shares of BPYU(REIT) or buy more of them.
Thank you very much,
LikesToLearn profile picture
@HaBo the choices are to 1) wait for the buyout and choose which of three payouts you want (BAM stock, cash, or preferred) and hope you get that choice, 2) sell your shares on the open market, 3) engage in an artbitrage trade idea as the author explored. Technically you could also buy more common stock but I don't see much of a reason to do that.
If BPY indeed got the short end as some seem to believe, then shouldn't buying BAM be a good idea? Not entirely comparable, but I remember a few years ago ENB bought one of its subsidiaries (forgot the ticker) on the cheap. I was not happy since I owned the subsidiary, but I started buying ENB. ENB has done reasonably well since.
Trapping Value profile picture
@NorthZorro BPY got a very generous offer. You are thinking of EEP being bought by ENB. Starting multiple of ENB was fairly modest then. Not at all true for BAM.
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