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@Long Term Tips Lomiko is now a double threat with Graphite Development and Lithium Exploration seekingalpha.com/...
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Nice article - this was a great read. Thanks!
@Long Term Tips RE: Lithium Americas
„…At Cauchari-Olaroz, production is expected to begin later this year…“
Are you really sure about that? IMHO, the project will not open till mid next year, likely facing another delay, because there isn’t enough workers on site. Last time, I have checked LAC site, they were talking about 2022. Saying that, finished ponds are full of brine, so the factory will have sufficient supply of material to process, once opened.

Your LAC valuation is indeed “crude” metric. Would like to point out, that the project, at the moment is facing some obstructions from the “locals”. I just wonder, what is your opinion about that matter?
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@Videnak Agreed, I think production at Cauchari will get pushed back to 2022 but the filling of the pools has also been a major step so I wouldn't expect it later than mid-2022. The metric here is crude, but it was based on a far more involved analysis that I did in an earlier article. I simply adjusted some timelines. The protests are something that can cause concern, but I tend to be of the opinion that these things usually don't end up becoming much of a problem. In short, should prove to be a non-issue.
RE: European Metals
Since I am bit familiar with the local conditions, It seems to me, it will not be an open pitch, but a hardcore mining project. At the moment, the company has practically noting in their hands, apart of a geological study. The project will inevitably face strong position during the approval process, because the deposit is not located in a remote area. Also, there will be strong political pressure to "kick the Australians out of the project". IMHO the project is at least 10 years from going online, if ever. Signing and offtake contract at this moment sounds bit crazy to me.

Lastly, the place is known for centuries for its tin ore deposit. There is also another "pilot" project, which is trying extract lithium from the material, which was already take out from underground during tin mining.
@Videnak : I have forgotten to mention, that from the other side of the same mountains (the German side) is another exploration project approaching practically the same geological structures. Not sure how far they got, but taking into consideration the aspect of the "deutche ordnung" they may be faster to market, then European Metals
SLL and E3 have almost the same technology based on DLE. As SLL is apparently 18mth ahead and claims to be more a tech than a mining company, I wonder why they are not collaborating. Would be interesting to know what SLL thing of E3.
Great article. Well researched.
@Long Term Tips
Thank you for a great article. I have watched many a videos from Robert Mintak and he is very clear that Standard Lithium is a tech company under DLE category. Any views on Lake Resources $LLKKF falling under the same category? how important would the ESG component of battery supply chain be?
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@RangeAccrual Not too sure about Lake Resources, I haven't looked into them before. Current mining conditions seem to have surprisingly little consideration for ESG but that's changing. New projects are facing greater scrutiny and place greater emphasis on ESG targets. Moving forward, I think ESG will only continue to grow in importance for these projects but only to a certain extent. This wouldn't be anything I would be concerned about from the profit side, it's definitely a net positive. If you're asking specifically about DLE's ESG profile, it tends to be more favorable than evaporation ponds.
Great write-up. Really insightful stuff. Am eager to find info on Blue Eagle Lithium. There’s nothing substantive anywhere I’ve seen, but their stock has been doing some crazy things over the past couple weeks. Is this a pump-and-dump? Could be just as informative for showing the dangers in jr. mining - or the lucrative opportunities if they’re (somehow) legit. Thanks again!!
Great article thanks. LAC is my largest holding followed by Bacanora lithium. Have you looked into Bacanora they have started construction in partnership with Ganfeng lithium and have funding for stage 1
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@princey0 Not yet, I'll give them a look.
@Long Term Tips
Your article is fantastic.

There is one company, Iconic Minerals, that is hardly ever mentioned. Mainly, I think, this is because there is not an PEA and because their resources are only in the inferred category.
Though, Iconic Minerals, has the biggest resources. The resources are with 28 Mt LCE, even bigger that those of LAC. You can check it on:


The market capp of Iconic Minerals is only 32 M. They have an earn in agreement with Nevada Lithium for 50 % of the project, by advancing the project.
Much to be proven. If they manage to to deliver a positieve PEA this year. The potential is mind blowing.
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@kritische geest 1 I appreciate the sentiment. I've heard of Iconic before but have yet to do a deep dive into the company. With these exploration-stage firms, you've got to be pretty diligent in your research. Maybe it's time I set aside some time to give it a look.
This is really one of the best, most comprehensive article's that I have read dealing the lithium market. Great analysis!
@kritische geest 1 I was about to say something similar.
Outstanding amount of info in this article!
Kudos to the author. :-)
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@DoubleOhDividend Thank you both, very kind words.
Good piece. Why such a low target for CYP by year end of 2 dollars? It's 1/8th the average of some in the comparisons charts. Lowballing it due to the technical management aspect?
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@kiwiball I think Cypress will be a slow burner up until it reaches the mainstream. Don't get me wrong, I think the company is probably worth at least $2 a share TODAY, but it still flies below most people's radar. There is the potential to bring in a partner this year that could bring them into the spotlight, but they also might not want to enter a partnership until their market value improves, else they run the risk of giving away too much for too little. A bit of a catch 22 in this sense.

With these juniors though, you never really know. They could get picked up by the market at any time and just take flight. The five to ten-year horizon is what appeals to me the most though, this one-year target is just to show investors that there's solid short-term growth as well.
@Long Term Tips Thanks for the insight. I agree CYP is a massive test of patience (in in for years now myself). It's value relative to other peers on the charts should put it just around $6 CAD at this time - but it remains to be seen. Not sure what it is..... market just not rating it properly... water rights.... pilot plant success... management... but if you read between the lines it is a winner and could be fast tracked as well due to brownfield territory.

I think it can push north of $5 post pilot, but not holding my breath. I do also think it's worth well north of $10. In a buyout if you consider the whole property it's worth north of $25... but not counting on that at all.

Would like the share price to get around 7 CAD even if it's for their own purposes on future financing needed. Lithium price rising will help in the mean time.
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@kiwiball I think lackluster marketing is the big thing here. We've got a CEO who is highly technical and intelligent, but he knows how to play lithium, not the stock market. This is fine for the long term. The way I see it, it lets investors get in at an attractive price. As for a buy-out, as a man with some patience, I'd rather see Cypress take their mine to production. It's a bigger profit for the longs. Again, any short-term movement here is mostly irrelevant, this is an investment for the long term. You're right in the sense that a higher share price helps with financing, it would be nice to see. Hopefully, their new CFO helps with this, I'm optimistic on him. Should add a bit more of the strategic edge to their highly technical management team.
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Solid article. Thanks for the mention.
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Thank you for this insightful analysis.
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Have you looked at Alpha Lithium, a Canadian firm exploring in Argentina?
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@jfornes I haven't yet, I'll look into it.
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I appreciate the thoughtful overview of these lithium juniors.
One technical advisor to standard lithium is Mr Barry Sharpless who received the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 2001 and Priestley Medal in 2019.
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