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Do they really compete with Home depot / Lowe? Are their stores in areas where home depot / Lowe's are existing? If yes, why would customer go to them instead of home depot/lowe?
One recent concern I came across in researching adding TSCO to my dividend portfolio is a potential PR issue concerning the care and treatment of their live chicks and other poultry. A YouTube and social media influencer in the homesteading and farming community (Goldshaw Farm) brought attention to a problem with new processes and procedures concerning the handling of their poultry. They responded well enough but subsequently have gone radio silence and nationwide customers have been sharing photos and videos of abysmal conditions. This is not a movement started by a fringe group like PeTA. This is being discussed by people that raise poultry for egg and meat consumption- what I would assume are their core customers (a small petition was started and generated over 65K signatures- not a trivial number or voices sharing this information with their fellow homesteaders and farmers)

As a potential investor poor communication concerns me more than any problem. A good communication team knows how to turn any problem into a potential win. This is not how it appears this issue is going.
@AlfredoD Agreed
In some ways a mature company; in others, clearly not; rather still learning. They need to outgrow the self-concept of a "store" and instead become a sophisticated logistics operation.
My anecdotal experience with Tractor Supply during the recent winter freeze was bad enough that I have begun shorting the company. Their product supply group completely missed the best opportunity of the year to sell cold weather items. As I entered the store, a manager was yelling "Anything with the word Heat in it, we don't have it." No cattle feed available for nearly two weeks and their prices are not competitive. A very good company and I'm a loyal customer but they really need to up their game. I think their SP will drop before it goes up.
@wrenvill Could that be just one location or, wrenvill, have you heard similarly about their others?
@KevinFB I am blessed to have three stores within a short drive from my farm. I spoke with another store manager who apologized for lack of cold weather goods. He said if he had a semi-truck loaded with generators, heat lamps and insulation, he could have emptied it on each of the three days before the storm hit. He located cattle feed inventory at a store in Columbus, TX, an hour and a half away, but it was soldout by the time I called to have it reserved. I am convinced this was a regional problem, not a one-off problem store. In full disclosure, other hardware stores had great inventory issues too, but what a missed opportunity for TS. The storm was well forecasted at least a week earlier, they had time to mobilize.
@wrenvill Thanks for your considerable reply.
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$TSCO is a hidden gem lost in the retail investors in $HD, $LOW, $COST, $WMT, $TGT, $ROST and $TJX @Bret Hathaway
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@5ofDiamonds couldn't agree more. TSCO has done a great job of finding a niche within the overwhelming number of retailers available.
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Thanks for the article, couldn’t agree more with your assessment.
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